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Here we go again! DOL proposes new fiduciary rule

The Department of Labor is trying for the fourth time to extend fiduciary duty to virtually all annuity sellers. Industry critics are spoiling for a fight. So what’s in this rule?

A Taxing Problem: Many tax policy changes slated for 2024

The SECURE Act and its companion, SECURE 2.0, introduced several changes to retirement saving and associated tax implications for 2024. Likewise, the looming presidential election will have major influence on the direction of tax policy.

The IRA Whisperer — With Denise Appleby

Originally pulled in as temporary help during the height of IRA season, Denise Appleby took to IRAs “like a fish to water,” never looked back and eventually became renowned for her expertise.

The Retirement Thinker — With Wade Pfau

A proposal to create retirement accounts from Social Security steered Wade Pfau from a potential career as an economist to becoming one of the foremost thinkers in retirement income strategies.

The science of successful habits

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to set that Big Hairy Audacious Goal for yourself and your practice. But you won’t achieve it overnight.

All eyes on the DOL fiduciary rewrite

As the industry prepares for another fiduciary rule, it’s worth reviewing the exemptions that are likely to change how business is conducted.


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