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MetLife Introduces Final Expense Whole Life Insurance

New York, May 8, 2014 – Forty-six percent of senior citizens in the United States have less than $10,000 in financial assets at the end of their lifetimes. This may not be enough to cover unpaid medical expenses, credit card bills and funeral costs, causing significant burdens for their loved ones. Adding to this challenge, 41 percent of American adults don’t have any life insurance at all. To help address this need, MetLife has increased the suite of products in its direct-to-consumer channel with its latest offering, Final Expense Whole Life Insurance. Also known as “guaranteed acceptance life insurance,” this product requires no medical underwriting, allowing more Americans to become insured, including those who may have previously been turned down for health reasons.

“Everyone should have access to life insurance that is simple and affordable, but we know that many people perceive barriers that can make the coverage they want seem out of reach,” said Lewis Goldman, vice president, MetLife. “Our Final Expense Whole Life Insurance product is easy to obtain, to qualify for, and to afford. It addresses uncertainties about qualifying for coverage, affordability, and how to get started with the process.”

Sold by telephone and on line, with an application process that has no medical questions or exams, MetLife’s Final Expense Whole Life is available to adults aged 45 to 75, in coverage amounts from $2,500 to $50,000. This policy builds cash value and its premiums never increase. Final Expense Whole Life cannot be cancelled for any reason during the life of the policyholder as long as premiums are paid. There is a limited death benefit during the first two years of the policy for death other than by accident. More details on Final Expense Whole Life are available on MetLife’s web page or call MetLife at 1-877-469-0410.

“MetLife believes that people who have always taken care of their families should be able to have some peace of mind in knowing that they helped their loved ones from having to shoulder a financial burden in the future,” said Goldman.


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