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Thursday 07/24/2014

| McClatchy-Tribune Information Services

Lawmakers and government officials looking for a way to save the cash-strapped U.S. Postal Service are considering a proposal that would make check cashing, small loans, prepaid cards and other financial services available at your local post office... More


| Christian Science Monitor

The White House offered a confident response when an appeals court in Washington struck down a key provision of Obamacare that provides insurance subsidies... More


Republicans in Congress resumed their campaign against the Affordable Care Act with new zeal, fired up by a ruling of a federal appeals court panel that said premium subsidies paid to millions of Americans in 36 states were illegal... More


| USA Today

A single violent tornado could cause as much as $20 billion in property damage -- and countless casualties and deaths -- if it hit a big city such as downtown Chicago, according to a new report... More

Introducing Term 25 for the

| New York Times Digital

For decades, the United States has had a fragmented health policy. States called the shots on major elements of how health care and health insurance were financed and regulated. The result: a hodgepodge of coverage and a wide variance in health... More


| Associated Press

The New Hampshire Insurance Department is sharing potential revisions to how it decides whether insurance policies cover enough doctors and other health care providers... More

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Introducing Term 25 for the
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