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Advisor Super Conference 2017 - Why You Should Attend

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inFocus Ep. 103 with Dan Kennedy - What Agents & Advisors Are Missing

Special Report: How Interest Rates Really Affect Insurance Products
The Fed increased the funds rate again — so it that a yay! for the insurance industry? Not so directly.

Even though insurance companies have been blaming the low-interest rate environment for the sluggish life market, the Fed’s rate is not necessarily what they are looking toward. In this InsuranceNewsNet Special Report, find out what interest rates really mean and how they affect what you sell.

What Happens When The DOL Rule Goes Into Effect On June 9?
If June 9 is circled in red on your calendar, then this video is for you. What will happen with the DOL rule on that date? An introductory version will go into effect and InsuranceNewsNet Host Matt Walton talked to Editor-in-Chief Steve Morelli to find out what it means and if agents will find themselves in trouble.

Please note that events are moving quickly on this issue, so please visit the homepage for the latest or see more related stories below:

Think Big at the 2017 Advisor Super Conference
Imagine how much quicker you could achieve your goals if you got your hands on the most powerful business-building strategies from the greatest marketing and sales legends on the planet — and they showed you the most rapid path to implement them. That’s exactly what’s going to happen at the 2017 Advisor Super Conference!

How To Hack Your Productivity
You’re wasting your time. That’s the hot button for everybody. Don’t we all fear that we could be using our precious time more productively? In this episode, InsuranceNewsNet TV Host Matt Walton speaks with InsuranceNewsNet Publisher Paul Feldman about his interview with productivity expert Chris Bailey. Chris spent a year doing nothing but researching the best productivity techniques. So, even watching this video is by definition productive.

ACA, DOL, IUL – Oh My!
Regardless of whether the ACA is repealed, replaced or repaired, it has left a deep dent in the health insurance agent force. How are agents dealing with it all? Many are expanding to benefits. That’s the lead story in the March edition of InsuranceNewsNet Magazine. And InsuranceNewsNet TV Host Matt Walton takes a look at that issue along with other key topics such as the DOL rule and how to sell IUL in the magazine.

The To (Not) Do List: How To Build Your Mental Strength
Many of us already know what it takes to be mentally strong, but why don’t we all do them? Maybe because we don’t know what we should not be doing. That was Amy Morin’s perspective in the book 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do. InsuranceNewsNet TV Host Matt Walton unpacks the Don’t Do list with InsuranceNewsNet Publisher Paul Feldman in this episode.

Rockin’ The Rollovers
Billions of dollars are rolling over in IRAs and retirees need help. That’s where advisors come in. Many Americans do the wrong thing with that money because no one is there to help them with the right thing. That is the main story in February’s InsuranceNewsNet Magazine and the topic that InsuranceNewsNet TV Host Matt Walton features in this inaugural episode.