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Women have a lot of reasons to plan for Chronic Illness Care.
Women have a lot of reasons to plan for Chronic Illness Care.
Women have a lot of reasons to plan for Chronic Illness Care.
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Ex-Con To CrowdNetworking Virtuoso Tom McMurrain Opens Door To Billion Dollar Industry

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ATLANTA, June 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Can an Ex-con create a multi-billion dollar marketplace? Tom McMurrain believes collaborative filtering 'match-maker' algorithms and geo-location-aware technology will redefine business discovery and traditional business networking in a way you never thought possible. The crowdnetworking® wave is coming and the business community will embrace it because this mobile app technology solves a major problem that every company has…new business discovery. Handing out business cards at conferences and networking event is ineffective and inefficient. New crowdnetworking® apps like Crowdentify® are going to automatically seek out high value target market customers for your business.

Crowdnetworking Virtuoso Tom McMurrain is on a mission to redefine the traditional business networking industry with collaborative filtering, location aware beacon technology and the smart phone. He secured proprietary terminology and has a vision of creating a business practice that increase the flow of new business and cash flow for companies in the US and globally. Crowdnetworking is about leveraging the power of technology to connect our members with high value target market prospects they are most likely to do business with. It is about building relationships and conducting commerce without the pain and fear of traditional business networking. Crowdnetworking makes business networking more efficient and more effective.

Smart phones will scan countries, states, cities and conferences like an aircraft radar connecting members who are most likely to do business with each other. Think, but instead of finding a black car to take you to lunch, crowdnetworking® apps connect you with potential customers, strategic partners, investors, media contacts and much more.

The founder of crowdnetworking® has a compelling story…

Finding peace and inspiration in prison was the last thing Tom McMurrain, the founder of crowdnetworking®, ever expected.  It was also the last place he ever thought to find the answers he was looking for in life. When Federal Judge Hunt handed down a sentence of 87 months in prison for mail and wire fraud, he could never have imagined he was actually forging the next 'virtuoso' in the 'crowd' industry. After leaving the gates of prison, Mr. McMurrain could honestly say that he had found peace in one of the most challenging places on earth. 

Leave trial and error behind with this powerful tried and true presentation.

One of his mentors, Hubert Humphrey, the insurance team building magnate who recruited and led some of the largest sales teams in the world, stated, "If you want to create a multi-billion dollar company, you have to identify a massive problem in society and match it with a massive solution".  Good advice and McMurrain is following it.

So, what massive problem does Mr. McMurrain feel he can fix with "crowdnetworking®"?  He says, it's the same problem the dating industry solved with online dating websites using collaborative filtering technology. He believes the fear of meeting people, building relationships and becoming a 'Value Creator', a term introduced to him by one of his mentors Larry Benet, the author of The Art of Connection, is a major problem, not only in the US but globally as well. 

"Crowdnetworking®," Mr. McMurrain says, "will redefine traditional business networking as we know it and make it more proactive, productive and profitable".

Can an Ex-con create a multi-billion dollar marketplace?  You might not want to bet against this guy.  He has a clear vision, the problem in the marketplace is real, and the technology that he is using to solve the problem is also being used to create multi-billion dollar valuations on individual companies like Uber® and Whatsapp®

To read the full story on the Official Blog of CrowdNetworking CLICK HERE

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Contact: Laura Smith, (800) 317-6240, @CrowdNetworker

SOURCE CrowdNetworker LLC



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Leave trial and error behind with this powerful tried and true presentation.