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'Black Jesus' Loses Major Advertisers but Gains Others

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TUPELO, Miss., Aug. 18 -- The American Family Association issued the following news release:

American Family Association (AFA, and its division is urging Christians who are concerned with the new Cartoon Network Adult Swim "comedy" "Black Jesus" to contact advertisers that are supporting the program via their advertising dollars.

About 2 million viewers viewed this past Thursday's episode, which contained at least 60 profanities in just over 20 minutes.

After the August 7 debut of the show, AFA and OneMillionMoms contacted the show's key sponsors. Both Unisom (Chattern, Inc.) and American Eagle Outfitters announced they were pulling their ads after the first episode. And none of the advertisers AFA and OneMillionMoms contacted appeared during Thursday's late-night broadcast and overnight re-broadcast.

"Both American Family Association and will not rest until the disgusting, blasphemous show is off the air," said OneMillionMoms director Monica Cole. "We will be vocal in urging Christians to contact the companies who choose to use their advertising dollars to keep filth like this on television--filth that is a direct attack on both Christians and African Americans."

Several new advertisers placed ads during last week's 11 p.m. episode, including Air Heads Candy, Progressive Insurance, Compound W, Dave and Buster's and Additional advertisers during the rebroadcast at 2:30 a.m. included Monistat, Xbox and Xfinity/Comcast.

"Black Jesus" features an African-American Jesus character who swears frequently, drinks and smokes marijuana as he interacts, sometimes violently, with friends and residents of Compton Gardens.

In response, both AFA and OneMillionMoms have been communicating frequently with their many supporters about the blasphemous show and the advertisers supporting it.

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