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My Pain Cream MD Now Offering Prescription Pain Cream to Help Patients Avoid Knee Replacement

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Las Vegas, Nevada (PRWEB) August 18, 2014

My Pain Cream MD, the nation's top supplier of prescription pain creams, is now offering creams to help patients avoid knee replacement. The knee pain creams are nonaddictive, odor free and over 80% effective. Call (855) 784-7864 for more information and to obtain the prescription pain cream.

Although a total knee replacement is overall a very successful procedure, it should always be looked at as a last resort, quality of life procedure. The reason is that it is an elective procedure with some risks involved, and the implants are not meant to last forever. Each revision procedure usually has less successful results than the initial.

Nonoperative treatments include physical therapy, oral NSAIDS, bracing, TENS units, acupuncture and steroid injections. Topical pain creams are now an excellent option for patients to achieve knee pain relief from arthritis, as they are very safe and produce excellent pain relief.

My Pain Cream MD offers customized pain creams for patients suffering from knee arthritis nationwide. The affiliated compounding pharmacies are licensed in all 50 states, with the creams being shipped to the individual's home.

A survey of over 3500 patients last year by the Patient Outcomes Analysis showed that 83% of those surveyed were extremely satisfied with the pain relief achieved from the pain creams. They were able to avoid surgery, increase activity and sleep better.

The topical pain creams are odor free and made of FDA approved ingredients. They do not get absorbed into the bloodstream, so there are no drug interactions to worry about.

For those with private insurance and prescription benefits, a telemedicine consultation will be arranged to decide on the best pain relief formula. The pain cream then gets shipped to the patient.

To obtain pain relief with customized topical pain creams for knee pain from My Pain Cream MD, call (855) 784-7864.

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