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Invidasys Introduces Solutions to Simplify Administrative Platform Management Systems for Health Insurance Plans

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Mesa, AZ (PRWEB) July 21, 2014

Invidasys, a software engineering firm that develops component solutions for health insurance plans, announced the release of its VIDAFlow™ Workflow Management system. VIDAFlow™, when combined with Invidasys' components and a health insurance plan's core administrative platform, offers an alternative to the costly and time consuming "rip and replace" method associated with mitigating compliance and reporting issues unique to healthcare administration providers. VIDAFlow™ is designed to coordinate the stream of information and synchronize the data between system components.

As a result of the Affordable Care Act and specific reporting requirements of the Center for Medicaid & Medicare Services (CMS), insurance plans require new tools to comply with the timely and accurate submission of encounter-data, manage eligibility requirements and track provider information.

"Health insurance plan administrators demand increasingly sophisticated solutions to comply with the continual changes in healthcare administration," said Sherwood Chapman, co-founder and CEO of Invidasys. VIDAFlow™ is a groundbreaking solution that reduces both the time needed to complete complex operations as well as the potential for human error in health plan administration."

The Invidasys' software solutions focus on particular problems and enhance a health insurance plan's administrative efficiency. VIDAFlow™ is just one of the professional software solutions offered in the company's VIDASuite™ component system. Invidasys can integrate VIDASuite components, including VIDAFlow™, with most health plan legacy core administration systems.

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About Invidasys:
Invidasys delivers agile health information management component solutions and services to the complex health insurance plan sector. The Arizona-based software engineering firm develops software components and services for health insurance plans that are primarily focused on Medicare, Medicaid, and Health Insurance Exchange product offerings, and subject to strict government compliance. Invidasys identifies specific administrative pain points of health insurance plans and offers strategic solutions to assist organizations maximize the value of their IT investment. For more information about Invidasys, please visit

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