County voting mirrors most statewide trends

By Jeff Kaley, Waurika News-Democrat, Okla.
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July 02--WAURIKA -- In two June primary elections that will impact Jefferson County, voters in the local Democratic and Republican parties mirrored most of the results of ballots cast statewide.

In the Democratic primary, Bert Smith cruised to a win over Tae Si in the election for U.S. Representative in District 4. District-wide, Smith collected 24,258 votes (81.75 percent), while Si drew 5,480 votes (18.43) percent.

In Jefferson County, Smith drew 91.4 percent and Si received 8.6 percent.

Incumbent Tom Cole cruised to a win in the Republic primary for District 4, leading challenger Anna Flatt 40,762 to 7,510 votes, which was a percentile margin of 84.44 to 15.56 percent. A popular figure in Jefferson County, Cole drew 81.57 percent votes to 18.43 percent for Flatt.

Runoffs will be held in two other Democratic primary elections in which county voters participated, after no candidate received more than 50 percent of the vote in multi-candidate races.

In the race to be the Democratic Party candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction, John Cox held a 41.04 percent to 38.2 percent edge on Freda Deskin. That means the pair will meet for a runoff on Aug. 26.

Statewide, the other two candidates in that race, Jack C. Herron Jr. and Ivan Holmes, drew 13.31 percent and 7.45 percent, respectively.

In Jefferson County, Cox received 60 percent of the vote, while Deskin had 17.7 percent, Herron 16 percent and Holmes 6.2 percent.

In the Democratic primary for the unexpired term for U.S. Senator, there will be a runoff between top vote-getter Connie Johnson (43.84 percent) and Jim Rogers (35.54 percent). Statewide, the third candidate in that election, Patrick Michael Hayes, drew 33.90 percent.

Rogers was the popular choice in Jefferson County, as he drew 42.6 percent of the vote to 29 percent for Johnson and 28.4 percent for Hayes.

There will be no runoffs in any of the Republican primaries in which county voters participated. The winners in each GOP race that involved three or more candidates drew well over the 50 percent vote needed to win outright.

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Incumbent Gov. Mary Fallin drew 75.52 percent of the statewide vote, while challengers Chad Moody and Dax Ewbank drew 15.41 percent and 8.07 percent, respectively. In Jefferson County, Fallin received 54.3 percent, while Moody had 20.2 percent and Ewbank 25.5.

In a bid for re-election, incumbent Republican Superintendent of Public Instruction Janet Costello Barresi was smothered in voting statewide and in Jefferson County.

Joy Hofmeister will represent the Republicans in the November general election, after drawing 57.63 percent of the statewide vote. Brian S. Kelly was second with 21.36 percent of the statewide vote, while Barresi received 20.99 percent.

In Jefferson County, Hofmeister got 61.6 percent, while Kelly drew 27.1 percent and Barresi 11.3 percent.

There were seven Republican candidates in the primary for the unexpired term of U.S. Senator, with James Lankford pulling 57.25 percent statewide to win the election. Across the state, T.W. Shannon received 34.41 percent, Randy Brogan 4.84 percent, Kevin Crow 1.06 percent, Eric C. McCray 0.91 percent and Jason Weger 0.67 percent.

The voting for that position in Jefferson County was tighter than most areas, as Lankford had a 42.9 to 42.0 percent edge on Shannon. County voters gave 5.4 percent of their votes to Brogan, 3.4 percent to Crow, 2.4 percent each to Weger and Craig, and 1.5 percent to McCray.

Four challengers chose to take on incumbent U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe in the Republican primary for full term, but Inhofe rolled to a victory statewide and in Jefferson County.

Across the state, Inhofe drew 87.69 percent of the vote, with runner-up Evelyn L. Rogers received 4.53 percent. Erick Paul Wyatt had 4.44 percent, Rob Moye got 1.84 percent and D. Jean McBride-Samuels had 1.5 percent.

In Jefferson County, Inhofe pulled 84.6 percent of the vote, while Wyatt had 8.5 percent, Rogers 3.0 percent and Moye and McBride-Samuels each drew 2.0 percent.

There were also two winner-takes-all races in the Republican primary in which incumbents emerged with wins statewide and in Jefferson County.

Insurance Commissioner John Doak received 77.49 percent statewide, while Bill Viner drew 22.51 percent. In Jefferson County, Doak had a 72.0 to 28.0 percentile lead.

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Todd Hiett will run for re-election after surviving a threat from Cliff Branan in the Republican primary for Corporation Commissioner. Statewide, Hiett drew 52.24 percent and Branan had 47.76 percent.

In Jefferson County, a majority of voters went against the statewide trend, as Branan had 57.8 percent of the vote and Hiett 42.2 percent.


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