Obamacare Exceeds 7 million Enrollments

By Cardona, Maria
Proquest LLC

Last week, the United States Department of Health and Human Services announced that over 7 million people have enrolled in an insurance plan under the Health Care Law by the May 31 deadline, surpassing the initial White House goal.

And although a majority of Republicans did - and still do - everything in their power to belittle and destroy the law, Americans are still signing up because they understand what is best for themselves, their families and our economy.

Also, people who have started their application and have not finished have until April 15 to finish. In addition, people who have gone through exceptional circumstances, such as a natural disaster, may apply for an extension.

The health marketplace will also accept applications outside the enrollment period for individuals who go through an event that qualifies for an extension, such as marriage, having a child, or losing a job thatprovided health insurance.

The truth is that the importance of having a quality health care plan that is reliable and at an affordable price is a priority for our community and for millions of people who previously had no health insurance or had one of very poor quality.

So why just focus on the 7 million? It's not a magic number or anything like that. The number ultimately signifies the success of this law which gives millions of families, including Latinos, the ability to access health coverage that is safe and affordable. And reality is, the more people who enroll, the lower prices will be for all.

The success also lies in the fact that millions of people, apart from the 7 million, now have coverage through the expansion of Medicaid. Those states whose governors (all Democrats and a few Republicans) offered this understanding the urgency of providing health protection to the most vulnerable.

And last but not least, the days of being discriminated just for being a woman or having a preexisting condition is in the past.

Young people also benefit tremendously being allowed to stay under their parent's insurance policy up until the age of 26.

The fact of the matter is that the 7 million people who enrolled in Obamacare during the first registration period are a testament that American people are looking for health insurance to protect them from the unknown future that could ruin them if they become ill.

It is time for Republicans to stop campaigning to defeat a law that is constitutional and that millions of Americans support and need. On the other hand, Democrats must continue to advocate for millions of people to continue enrolling in the next enrollment period, which begins on November 15, 2014.

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Regardless of what anyone says, Obamacare is a success. And while some Republicans will never admit it, the 7 million people who now benefit from this law will be there to remind them.

Maria Cardona is a Democratic Strategist and a Principal at the Dewey Square Group, where she founded Latinovations (http://www.latinovations.com/) and shares insightfill commentary on current events. She is also a former Senior Adviser to Hillary Clinton, and former Communications Director to the Democratic National Committee.

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