AIG Releases Commercial Property Coverage And Services

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American International Group insurers has launched a line of multinational commercial property products and services.

In a release, the Company noted it includes expanded coverage, loss prevention engineering, and risk management solutions, for mid- sized businesses confronting global risk exposures.

AIG's Property Performance Series provides commercial property solutions for mid-sized businesses in Australia, Canada, Europe, South Africa, and the United States.

"Middle market companies are shifting their focus from deep cost cuts to strategic opportunities for growth, including global expansion," said George Stratts, President, Global Property, AIG. "With the Property Performance Series, AIG is meeting the needs of our middle market customers wherever they go."

"The complexities facing middle market companies operating globally do not have to extend to insurance," said Carol Barton, Head of Product Strategy, Global Property, AIG. "Our offering is designed to help clients maintain their business continuity by providing outstanding coverage and contract certainty, as well as services modeled on those provided to the largest multinational organizations."

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