Horsford Calls for Vote to Extend Unemployment Insurance in Light of New Senate Bill

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WASHINGTON, June 25 -- Rep. Steven Horsford, D-Nev. (4th CD), issued the following news release:

Today, Representative Steven Horsford (NV-4) took to the House floor to urge action on extending unemployment insurance. By the end of the month, nearly 34,000 Nevadans will have lost their unemployment insurance.

Below is a transcript of Rep. Horsford's remarks:

"The Senate is once again poised to act on an important issue facing our country.

"Today, Senator Dean Heller from my home state of Nevada, and Senator Jack Reed of Rhode Island, announced that they will be working to pass another extension of unemployment insurance for those who need a financial lifeline, and have lost their jobs at no fault of their own.

"The last time the Senate sent a bill to the House to help struggling Americans with unemployment insurance, Speaker Boehner and the Party of No let the bill expire.

"By the end of this month, there will be 33,800 Nevadans cut off from unemployment insurance, and another 3.1 million Americans asking why Congress has turned its back on them.

"Is it any wonder that Congress is held in such low regard by the hard-working American people? The Speaker's answer to millions of Americans asking for help is deafening silence, with no plan to do anything.

"I did not come to Congress to sit and wait for one person, the Speaker, to decide whether or not this body could act. I urge the Speaker to bring up an unemployment insurance extension to help the 3.1 million Americans who need a lifeline."

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