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First Data and Trustwave to Join Force on Information Security Services

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Trustwave and First Data are working together to offer information security services.

In a release, the Company noted businesses that use First Data payment processing services will have access to a new solution delivered through Trustwave's cloud-based TrustKeeper platform.

The service will provide access to information security services.

"Our collaboration demonstrates that PCI compliance is the ground floor for security and businesses need additional security services that help them go beyond PCI compliance and protect customer and payment card data from a compromise," said Doug Klotnia, General Manager of Compliance and Risk Management at Trustwave. "This entirely new approach emphasizes security and protection of sensitive data while simplifying the complex compliance process."

Trustwave and First Data plan to offer:

-Malware and Anti-Virus Protection - uses a combination of signatures and behavioral analysis to help protect systems from viruses and other malware.

-File Integrity Monitoring - scans critical systems and components for changes that may be caused by a data breach or malware.

-Unauthorized Device Alerting - informs businesses about unauthorized devices, workstations and servers connected to their network.

-Payment Card Data Storage Scanning - verifies that payment card data is not being stored unencrypted.

-Security Configuration Monitoring - verifies that basic security controls are configured properly.

"This partnership enhances our ability to offer our clients the best security and compliance solutions to meet their needs," said Paul Kleinschnitz, senior vice president, GM Cyber Security Solutions at First Data. "We are helping businesses build a security strategy that is easy-to-understand and sustainable. Instead of the traditional, annual checklist approach, our robust security solutions and services are designed to provide our clients with constant protection."

"Criminals specifically focus on small businesses because they hold vast amounts of payment card information and security is not their core competency," said Klotnia. "The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards Council updates the PCI DSS every three years, however businesses should deploy additional security measures so that they can continuously stay ahead of the latest threats and protect all of their potential attack vectors."

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