Sound Off: Thursday, June 19, 2014

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Mind the gap

A woman was telling me that her husband has a serious medical issue and that she was denied insurance for him because of the way Obama set up the ACA. Basically, they fall in the donut hole. They make too much for Medicaid and not enough for subsidies. She didn't understand that the reason her husband is being denied access to insurance is because Gov. Corbett refuses to expand the Medicaid program to cover people like her husband.

No diving

What a great picture of the children at the Shamokin swimming pool on the front page of The News-Item. Too bad Mount Carmel no longer has a pool. Why couldn't they try one more year? Please don't say it is all about the money. If I remember correctly, money was given to the borough for the pool. It sure would have been nice to take a dip on these warm days.

Because of Obama

It's amusing to me how anything and everything that goes wrong in this country seems to be Obama's fault. You all realize this man isn't the all-seeing, all-knowing psychic president of America, right? Then again, it might be convenient to start blaming all of Shamokin's problems on him, too. Shamokin's budget is in the red: darn Obama! Walnut Street is a mess: well, that's because of Obama! Ow, I stubbed my toe: why would Obama put that table there!

Big spenders

Were any members or close family members of Kulpmont council who want to borrow $1.4 million for an unwanted borough hall also involved in borrowing $750,000-plus for the East End Fire Company?

Pay up

So 183 people called the Department of Health after a Shamokin dentist was suspended; typical coal region reaction, looking for a handout. The sad part is that the doctor's E&O insurance, if he carried that coverage, will pay up. I ask, what is the difference between this behavior, filing phony disability claims and welfare? Frog's take: There's a big difference. Besides, they were instructed to call the Department of Health. Maybe if you'd have the risk of serious disease, you'd realize it's more about health than money for most.

Wrong way street

I am from Kulpmont and I was very disgusted when I read the article about the East End Fire Company. Anyone with any brains knew it was a doomed project from the beginning. Now borough council wants to embark upon the same path and build a $1.4 million dollar building that the town doesn't need. Hopefully council will wake up to this fiasco and learn a very valuable lesson. Spend our money wisely or there will be consequences.

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Movin' in

I see that the East End Fire Company in Kulpmont, which just built a new building, is in foreclosure or going to be in foreclosure, and the never-ending battle over the new borough building is still in full force. Maybe they can get together and make out a deal and save the people of Kulpmont money and frustration. Sounds like a deal to me.

Return to sender

I live in Locust Gap, and every time I get mail, it is not mine. Doesn't anybody in the Mount Carmel Post Office know how to read, or is that part of the new politically correct system?

Red running

Federal tax revenue set a record through May and the feds are still running a $436 billion deficit.

Movin' in II

Since Kulpmont Borough needs a new home, I think the East End Fire Company might just work out.

Take action

No good deed goes unpunished. They should take action against Kulpmont councilmembers, not Mr. Lutz. He did a service to the community.

Cheer and jeers

Kudos to Walt Lutz for cleaning up the Welcome to Kulpmont signs and shame on the Kulpmont Borough Council members for wanting to chastise him for doing it.

The stooges

I see President Obama is calling together his national security team: Moe, Larry and Curly. Frog's take: What about Shemp? Everybody always forgets about poor, old Shemp.

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