Albuquerque Rated Best City For Drivers

San Francisco, CA (June 17, 2014) – NerdWallet, a consumer finance site, has determined the nation’s best and worst cities for drivers.

Driving can be a hassle regardless of location, but factors such as gas prices and weather differ from place to place and make some cities better than others for drivers. NerdWallet took the following factors into account to find the best and worst cities for drivers:

  • Annual number of hours of traffic delay per commuter
  • Population density
  • Insurance prices
  • Gas prices
  • Precipitation rates

Albuquerque topped the best cities list, while New York City is #1 on the worst cities list. Some interesting findings include:

  • All of the best cities for drivers are in the Southwest, while the worst cities list is dominated by big coastal cities.
  • Congestion is the worst in the nation’s capital. Commuters in Washington, D.C. spend 67 hours annually stuck in traffic.

See the full best cities list here and the worst cities list here.

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