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Safe Money Places™ Announces New “National Agency Division”

May 28, 2014

Carmel, IN - It’s kind of another version of “Back to the Future” as Raymond J. Ohlson, CLU, CRC, President and CEO of the Ohlson Group and Safe Money Places™ International, announces the formation of his Safe Money Places™ National Agency Division. Ohlson, a seasoned veteran of nearly forty years in the insurance and financial services industry, recently discussed his primary reasons for creating this revolutionary new division. “Way back in the 1970s, and for many years after,” Ohlson says, “The individual agent often worked for a large insurance company – we were called ‘career agents’ in those days. And the benefits were extraordinary! We had training, mentors, back-office and front-office support, bonuses, incentives … nearly everything … except one important ‘thing’ – independence!” And it’s that concept, as Ohlson calls it – “independence with affiliation” – that motivated him to create the Safe Money Places™ National Agency Division.

“I really think the timing is right for introducing this approach in the marketing of financial services,” Ohlson explains. “We are not giving up on the independent agent as many other companies have. Plus, many other IMO’s don’t take time for the producer who is only doing a million dollars per year – we do! Through our Safe Money Places™ Agent Network and The Ohlson Group, this new ‘National Agency Division’ is a hybrid. Agents are not employees or captive, but because of our staff’s and associates’ vast experience, knowledge, and education, we are able to employ the best of the old ‘Career Model’ while both parties maintain their independence.”

Ohlson explains why he has opened the new division to only ten (10) agents for his inaugural class. “To make sure each member of our new National Agents Division gets the attention and support he or she needs,” he says, “My staff and I need to be available and accessible. We’re dedicated to making sure each National Agency Division member receives not only the mentoring and tools, but also that each gets the kind of daily, weekly, and monthly support they need to increase their success. That’s why I call it “going back to the future;” it’s the best of the old ‘Career Agent’ system with the independence today’s pro’s demand.”

Ohlson then lists “just a few of the benefits” of being a member of his first National Agency Division class:

Ultimate IUL Client Presentations Mentoring
• 100% matching of Agent’s marketing costs up to defined level
• Website for each agent at no charge
• Complimentary CRM
• Each agent’s own “Personal Marketing System” developed by Enfront’s Bill Corbin, founder of the technology-base now known as Angie’s List
• Complimentary Membership into the Safe Money Places™ Agent Network
• Personalized direct mail and consumer email marketing
• Access to TV, Radio and Internet leads.

“If an agent feels as though he or she is stuck in the mud…or not meeting expectations,” Ohlson says, “We definitely need to talk … and sooner not later!” He goes on to explain that the initial interview process will be “painless” and brief: “We’ll speak on the phone for a few minutes mainly to make sure that each of us feels comfortable – that there’s a good fit. In a real sense, we’re both interviewing each other!”

If you are an insurance or financial services professional and want to discuss Ohlson’s new Safe Money Places™ National Agency Division, give him a call at 877-844-0900. Just ask to speak with Ray Ohlson, Nick Ohlson, Joe Ohlson, or Jim McHale about the National Agency Division.

Ultimate IUL Client Presentations Better do it today – remember, there are only ten spots available in the first class!


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