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Loudoun County Again Recognized as a 'Fit-Friendly' Organization

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LEESBURG, Va., May 22 -- Loudoun County issued the following news release:

The Loudoun County Government has been recognized as a "Fit-Friendly Worksite" by the American Heart Association for the seventh consecutive year. The county has received the group's Platinum Award - the highest level of achievement.

The Fit-Friendly Worksite Program recognizes employers who champion the health of their employees by promoting a culture of wellness, implementing physical activity and nutrition programs, and demonstrating measurable outcomes related to workplace wellness through behavior change and cost savings.

According to the American Heart Association, U.S. employers lose an estimated $225.8 billion a year because of healthcare expenses and health-related losses in productivity. Lack of regular physical activity raises the risk for a host of medical problems, such as obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes. Studies suggest that implementing a worksite physical activity program and promoting a culture of activity can help employers increase productivity, reduce absenteeism, lower turnover, and reduce healthcare costs.

"Loudoun County's wellness and health improvement strategy has led to higher employee engagement, significantly lower health risks, and medical savings in excess of $1.8 million since 2005," said County Administrator Tim Hemstreet. "Physical activity and employee wellness are important priorities for our organization and we encourage all Loudoun County employees to participate in our wellness activities."

For information about Loudoun County's wellness program, contact Nelia Larson-Mann, Manager, Employee Benefits & Risk Management, at 703-777-0299. For more information about the Fit-Friendly Worksite Program, visit

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