Prescriptions Plus Now Offering Complimentary Shipping for All Prescription Pain Relief Creams

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Wellington, Florida (PRWEB) April 21, 2014

The top prescription pain cream company, Prescriptions Plus, is now offering complimentary shipping for all patient prescription orders for pain creams. The company has been a top provider of prescription pain relief creams for over 20 years. Call (888) 998-6342 for more information and ordering topical pain creams.

A recent study showed that over 80% of patients experience excellent pain relief with prescription pain creams. The topical medications work extremely well for sports injuries, neuropathy, back or neck pain, degenerative or rheumatoid arthritis, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis and much more.

The prescription pain creams offer numerous benefits over oral narcotic medications. These include minimal bloodstream absorption, no drug interactions, no potential for addiction or sedation, odor free and the medication is placed directly over the area of discomfort. The creams are often able to reduce the need for oral pain medications.

For over twenty years, Prescriptions Plus has been a top notch compounding pharmacy, offering quality topical pain medications with first rate customer service. The company will prepare prescriptions for patient's doctors to sign and then ship the pain cream directly o the patient. Now, the shipping is free and patients also receive gifts for nationwide retailers with each prescription order.

The website has an online library of prescription pain cream benefits for numerous pain conditions, along with extensive information for physicians as well. The prescription pain creams are available to those with private insurance who have prescription benefits.

To obtain topical pain cream prescriptions for one's condition, the number to call is (888) 998-6343.

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