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NRSC demands Louisiana stations pull ad trying to link Bill Cassidy to Koch brothers

By Rebecca Berg; Rebecca Berg, Poliical Correspondent
Proquest LLC

The National Republican Senatorial Committee will send a letter to 34 Louisiana network affiliates Thursday requesting that an attack ad produced by the pro-Democratic Senate Majority PAC be pulled from television, and threatening legal action if it isn't.

The letter, penned by NRSC general counsel Megan Sowards, charges that the ad is "patently false."

"Since the Senate Majority PAC advertisement contains false and misleading statements, we hereby demand that your station stop airing this advertisement immediately," the letter reads. "If you are unwilling to do so, we reserve the right to pursue any appropriate legal action and request an explanation of the basis of your decision in law or station policy."

The ad, part of a recent $3 million blitz by Senate Majority PAC in Louisiana and North Carolina, attempts to tie Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy to Charles and David Koch, the wealthy brothers whose pro-Republican group, Americans for Prosperity, has so far spent more than $30 million attacking Democrats in key Senate battleground states, including Louisiana.

Of greatest concern to the NRSC is a segment of the ad alleging the Koch brothers "funded the fight to let flood insurance premiums soar, helping insurance companies, and cut off hurricane relief for Louisiana families."

"Now, they're spending millions to buy a Senate seat for Bill Cassidy so he can fight for them," a male narrator adds. "If the Kochs and Cassidy win, Louisiana loses."

Cassidy, who is challenging Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., in one of the most hotly contested Senate races of this midterm election cycle, was actually a sponsor of the flood insurance bill, now law, mentioned in the ad. AFP actively opposed the measure.

Democrats, reeling from AFP's significant spending at this early stage in the election cycle, have lately attempted to discredit the Koch brothers, while attacking Republicans for being "addicted to Koch." Recent polls have indicated, however, that most Americans are unfamiliar with the Kochs.

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