Combine Solicitation - USCG STATION NEW LONDON (45637) 2014 DRYDOCK REPAIR

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Notice Type: Combine Solicitation

Posted Date: 20-MAR-14

Office Address: Department of Homeland Security; United States Coast Guard (USCG); USCG Surface Forces Logistics Center (SFLC); 2401 Hawkins Point RoadBuilding 31, Mail Stop 26 Baltimore MD 21226-5000


Classification Code: J - Maintenance, repair & rebuilding of equipment

Solicitation Number: HSCG40-14-Q-P30813

Contact: Dorothy Rawls, Phone 7576284540, Email [email protected]

Setaside: Total Small BusinessTotal Small Business

Place of Performance Country: US

Description: Department of Homeland Security

United States Coast Guard (USCG)

USCG Surface Forces Logistics Center (SFLC)

This is a combined synopsis/solicitation, HSCG40-14-Q-P30813, for a commercial item prepared in accordance with the format outlined in FAR Subpart 12.6, FAC 2005-72 (JAN 2014), and as supplemented with additional information included in this notice. This announcement constitutes the only solicitation. Quotations are being requested and a written solicitation will not be issued. The NAICS code for this solicitation is 336611 and the Small Business Size Standard is 1000. This is a 100% Total Small Business Set-aside procurement; all responsible sources may submit proposals that will be considered by the agency. The contract will be awarded on a firm-fixed-price basis using simplified acquisition procedures. The requirement is for the DRYDOCK and REPAIR of USCG STATION NEW LONDON (45637). NOTICE FOR FILING AGENCY PROTESTS - United States Coast Guard Ombudsman Program

It is the policy of the Coast Guard to issue solicitations and make contract awards in a fair and timely manner. The Ombudsman Program for Agency Protests (OPAP) was established to investigate agency protest issues and resolve them without expensive and time-consuming litigation. OPAP is an independent reviewing authority that is empowered to grant a prevailing protester essentially the same relief as the General Accounting Office (GAO).

Interested parties are encouraged to seek resolution of their concerns within the Coast Guard as an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) forum, rather filing a protest with the GAO or some external forum. Interested Parties may seek resolution of their concerns informally or opt to file a formal agency protest with the contracting officer or Ombudsman.

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Interested parties who believe that Coast Guard procurement is unfair or otherwise defective should first direct their concerns to the cognizant contracting officer. If the contracting officer is unable to satisfy the concerns, the interested party is encouraged to contact the coast Guard Ombudsman for Agency Protests. Under this informal process, the agency is not required to suspend contract award performance. Use of an informal forum does not suspend any time requirement for filing a protest with the agency or other forum. In order to ensure a timely response, interested parties should provide the following information to the Ombudsman: solicitation/contract number, contracting officer, and solicitation closing date (if applicable).


Prior to submitting a formal agency protest, protesters must first use their best efforts to resolve their concerns with the contracting officer through open and frank discussions. If the protester's concerns are unresolved, an independent review is available by the Ombudsman. The protester may file a formal agency protest to either the contracting officer or as an alternative to that, the Ombudsman under the OPAP program. Contract award or performance will be suspended during the protest period unless contract award or performance is justified, in writing, for urgent and compelling reasons or is determined in writing to be in the best interest of the Government. The agency's goal is to resolve protests in less than 35 calendar days from the date of filing. Protests shall include the information set forth at FAR 33.103(d)(2). If the protester fails to submit the required information, resolution of the protest may be delayed or the protest may be dismissed. This will not preclude re-filing of the protests to meet the requirement. To be timely, protests must be filed within the period specified in FAR 33.103(e). Formal protests filed under the OPAP program should be forwarded to the address below:

Commandant (GG-913) U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters Procurement Planning & Oversight Division 1900 Half Street, SW, JR11-0203 Washington, DC 20593-0001 Telephone: (202) 372-3692 FAX: (202) 475-3904

DESCRIPTION OF WORK (a) The Contractor shall furnish all necessary labor, material, services, equipment, supplies, power, accessories, facilities and such other things as are necessary, except as otherwise specified, to perform dry-docking repairs and alterations to the vessel, in accordance with this solicitation and attached specifications. (b) Failure to read the specifications in their entirety will not relieve the quoter from the responsibility for properly estimating the difficulty or price of successfully performing the work. Failure to do so will be at the quoter's risk.

(c) All responsible sources may submit a quotation, which if timely received, shall be considered by the Agency. Companies must have valid DUNS numbers and be registered with System for Award Management (SAM) and shall provide the company Tax Information Number (TIN) with their offer. Any Contractor's Requests for Clarifications shall be answered via amendment to the solicitation and shall be received no later than 18 April 2014 at 12:00 PM EST Eastern Standard Time. The closing date and time for receipt of quote is 25 April 2014 at 12:00 PM EST Eastern Standard Time. Offerors may contact Dorothy Rawls at (757) 628-4540 or via email [email protected] for information regarding this solicitation.

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Please email [email protected] to request CD drawings referenced in specification. Please indicate where you would like the drawings sent to in your email.


The contract is expected to be awarded on or about 02 May 2014. Work covered by this solicitation shall be completed within Sixty Six (66) Days from the date the vessel becomes available to the contractor. The availability is scheduled to start on or about 13 May 2014. An arrival conference normally will be held within 48 hours of the scheduled start date. Vessels being drydocked shall be in drydock within seventy-two (72) hours of delivery.


A onetime Geographic Restriction waiver applies to the USCG STATION NEW LONDON. The vessel is restricted to an area no greater than 320 nautical miles from the home station, on navigable waterways and no open water transits.


See Schedule of Supplies and Services. Definite Contract Line Items are marked as "D" for Definite. Option Contract Line Items are marked "O" for Optional. Insert unit prices in all items listed in the Schedule unless "NSP" printed in the Unit Price column for any item. "NSP" in the section means "Not Separately Priced."Remember to include all of the individual pages of the attachment when you provide your pricing.

CLIN/ DESCRIPTION D-001 General Welding, Provide JOB 1 D-001A Fabrication JOB 1 D-001B Crop/Renew Port Deck Grate Weld JOB 1 O-001C Flat Plate Renewal (3/16" Aluminum) JOB 1 O-001D Flat Plate Renewal (1/4" Aluminum) JOB 1 O-001E Flat Plate Renewal (5/16" Aluminum) JOB 1 O-001F Flat Plate Renewal (1/2" Aluminum) JOB 1 O-001G Welding/Brazing JOB 1 O-001H Overlay JOB 4 O-001I Overlay (Stainless) JOB 4 D-002 Ultrasonic Testing (UT) (100) Shots, Perform JOB 1 D-003 Hull Plating (U/W Body), Inspect JOB 1 D-004 Fendering System, Inspect JOB 1 D-005 Tanks (MP Fuel Service), Clean and Inspect JOB 1 D-006 Main Diesel Engine to Auragen Generator, Align JOB 1 D-007 Main Diesel Engine To Jet Drive, Align JOB 1 O-008 Water Jet-Inspect, Perform Service JOB 1 O-009 Jet Drive Anodes, Renew JOB 1 D-010 Sea Strainer, Overhaul JOB 1 D-011 Engine Exhaust Piping, Inspect JOB 1 D-012 Electrical Isolation, Perform JOB 1 D-013 Sea Valves, Overhaul JOB 1 D-014 Sea Valves, Renew JOB 1 D-015 Diesel Tank, Refuel JOB 1 O-016 Water Jet Drive, Preserve JOB 1 D-017 U/W Body, Preserve (100%) JOB 1 D-018 Exterior and Interior Non-Skid Pads, Renew JOB 1 D-019 Interior Hull Insulation, Inspect JOB 1 D-020 Marine Chemist Services, Provide JOB 1 D-021 Drydocking JOB 1 D-022 Temporary Services, Provide JOB 1 D-023 Sea Trial Performance, Provide Support JOB 1 D-024 Main Diesel Engine Mount Washers, Replace JOB 1 O-025 Air Intake Baffle, Mast Step, Handhold, Install JOB 1 O-026 Composite Labor Rate Hour 1 D-027 GFP Report NSP JOB 1 NSP O-028 Laydays Day 1

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Total Price of Option Clins Total Price of Definite Clins Total Price of All

This solicitation may contain welding line items as either Definitive or Optional Items. With his/her quote the Contractor shall provide the necessary welding certifications and qualifications as required by the specification for the applicable work item(s), and SFLC Standard Specification 0740_STD. Subsequent to contract award, the Government will require the Contractor to submit applicable certifications and qualifications to the COTR for any welding to be performed on any proposed change request.

Vendors shall provide the following as fixed prices. If and when welding is required the vendor shall submit a CFR detailing the amount of welding required, material, number of labor hours and set up fee. Any CFR for welding shall be negotiated using the following as fixed rates:

Loaded labor rate - Welder ___________ 1 HOUR ________

Set up and Break down fee ___________ 1 JOB ________


The contractor shall provide a facility accessible from a navigable waterway at which a ship of the characteristics described in the attached specification can, using its own propulsion, safely arrive, lie afloat and depart at all states of the tide and at any time day or night. The facility shall insure 2 (two) additional feet below minimum water depth at the pier per SFLC Standard Specification 0000 section


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