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GNY Companies to Mark 100th Year Anniversary in 2014

Series of events scheduled to celebrate venerated

New York Company’s first century and expansion plans.

New York, N.Y., March 6, 2014 —  Greater New York Insurance Companies, nationally recognized specialists in insuring commercial and habitational real estate, will celebrate its 100th anniversary this year, 2014, with a series of events for its producers, company staff, and the industry at large.

GNY Companies was founded in 1914 by the Greater New York Taxpayer Association, a group of apartment and tenement owners seeking to obtain insurance coverage. It has been continuously located in New York City since that time and today serves a growing number of producers whose business includes commercial real estate clients and a host of other classes, such as hotels, restaurants, light manufacturing, and other commercial lines. The Company writes approximately $300 million per year in fifteen states and has enjoyed a rating of A+ from A.M. Best Company for several decades.

According to Warren Heck, CEO and Chairman of the Board of GNY Companies, the 100th year anniversary marks a century of dedicated service to New York and to other GNY states: “If ever there were a New York company dedicated to the well-being of its residents and businesses, we feel it is GNY Companies. As underwriters of New York real estate these many years we have protected our producers’ clients with great dedication and have been rewarded handsomely with the loyalty of more than 10,000 customers. GNY Companies’ celebration is, in a sense, a celebration of the success of a New York institution in its first 100 years.”

Warren Heck, who is the fourth Chairman of GNY Companies and recipient of the prestigious IFNY Free Enterprise Award, also noted that the company’s succession has been consistent, and its leadership enduring: “GNY Companies has had only four chairmen in the space of its 100 years, a rather unique characteristic for any business, and has arranged for succession that will, we believe, continue the tradition established by our predecessors. They have set the groundwork for a great company for the future.”

Elizabeth Heck, President of the Company, noted that “The history of GNY is a history of the broader progress of the development of the City of New York, and of the role that insurance played.   A Gala Anniversary celebration is scheduled for November 6th in New York, but all year, we will be holding a series of events in recognition of our producers. We have undertaken a communications plan which will provide information about GNY Companies, its past and future, to the insurance industry at large and to our various constituencies. We are convinced that our companies are poised technologically, financially, and intellectually to launch us properly into our next 100 years,” she said.

GNY Companies employs 360 people in its 200 Madison Avenue headquarters and in its East Brunswick, N.J., Quincy, M.A., Glastonbury, C.T., and Hunt Valley, M.D. offices.

For further information about GNY’s 100th Anniversary Celebration, please contact Christina Claudio with CINN Group, Inc. by phone at 914-966-3180 x 112 or by email at [email protected]


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