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Women have a lot of reasons to plan for Chronic Illness Care.
Women have a lot of reasons to plan for Chronic Illness Care.
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Sources Sought Notice - Q-- Adaptive Driving Rehabilitation Services (Las Vegas)

Federal Information & News Dispatch, Inc.

Notice Type: Sources Sought Notice

Posted Date: 30-JAN-14

Office Address: Department of Veterans Affairs;Network Contracting Office 22;4811 Airport Plaza Drive;Suite 600;Long Beach CA 90815

Subject: Q-- Adaptive Driving Rehabilitation Services (Las Vegas)

Classification Code: Q - Medical services

Solicitation Number: VA26214I0229

Contact: Please reference the RFI attachment. mailto:[email protected]

Setaside: N/AN/A

Place of Performance (address): VA North Nevada Health Care System;6900 North Pecos Road;North Las Vegas

Place of Performance (zipcode): 89086

Place of Performance Country: United States

Description: Department of Veterans Affairs

Long Beach VANLO

Department of Veterans Affairs

This is not a solicitation announcement. This is a sources sought synopsis only. The purpose of this synopsis is to gain knowledge of potential qualified sources and their size classification (HUB-Zone, 8(a), small, small disadvantage, or service disabled veteran owned small business). Responses to this synopsis will be used by the Government to make appropriate acquisition decisions. After review of the responses to this sources sought synopsis, a solicitation announcement may be published in the GSA Federal Supply Schedule website. Responses to this sources sought synopsis are not considered adequate responses to the solicitation announcement. All interested offerors are advised to respond to the solicitation announcement, in addition to responding to this sources sought announcement. The NAICS code for this acquisition is (621340 OFFICES OF PHYSICAL, OCCUPATIONAL AND SPEECH THERAPISTS, AND AUDIOLOGISTS) This industry comprises establishments of independent health practitioners primarily engaged in one of the following: (1) providing physical therapy services to patients who have impairments, functional limitations, disabilities, or changes in physical functions and health status resulting from injury, disease or other causes, or who require prevention, wellness or fitness services; (2) planning and administering educational, recreational, and social activities designed to help patients or individuals with disabilities, regain physical or mental functioning or to adapt to their disabilities; and (3) diagnosing and treating speech, language, or hearing problems. A driver rehabilitation specialist, with knowledge of the medical and visual conditions, can provide a comprehensive evaluation and assist vision impaired veterans with a determination of safe driving potential. The Small Business size classification is 7.0 million.

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The Department of Veterans Affairs Network 22 Contracting Activity, Long Beach, CA intends to establish a Blanket Purchase Agreement to provide Mental Health services for the Department of Veterans Affairs Long Beach Healthcare System in accordance with the attached Statement Of Work. Contractor shall cover the range of services normally provided in a similar civilian health care facility, in accordance with the specifications and requirements contained herein.

Please reference the attached qualifications and work description for clarification of the required services.

If you are interested, and are capable of providing the required services please provide the requested information as indicated below. The intended contract period will be for a base year and four, one-year option periods, which is estimated to begin on or about 01 April 2014. Responses to this notice should include company name, address, point of contact, size of business pursuant to the following questions: (1) Is your business small (2) If small, does your firm qualify as a small, emerging business, or small disadvantaged business (3) If disadvantaged, specify under which disadvantaged group and if your firm is certified under Section 8(a) of the Small Business Act (4) Is your firm a certified "Hub-zone" firm (5) Is your firm a woman-owned or operated business (6) Is your firm a certified Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small or veteran owned small business

Responses to this notice shall be e-mailed, mailed or faxed to the attention of Omar Majette, Department of Veterans Affairs, VISN 22 Network Contracting Activity, 4811 Airport Plaza, Long Beach, CA 90815. Fax number is (562) 766-2356. E-mail address: [email protected]. Telephone responses will not be accepted. Responses must be received in writing no later than 3:00pm PST, February 06, 2014. This notice is to assist the VA in determining sources only. A solicitation is not currently available. If a solicitation is issued it will be announced at a later date, and all interested parties must respond to that solicitation announcement separately from the responses to this announcement.


Occupational therapist services:

1. Scope of Services

a. The Contractor shall provide the services of a qualified occupational therapist specializing in driving rehabilitation, hereinafter referred to as "contract driving rehabilitation specialist" to perform the requirements of this contract

b. Service will be performed at a location of convenience for the patient. Driving evaluations will be performed in the patient's own car, as long as the car meets the minimum State insurance requirements. Otherwise, a training car will be made available by the contracted driving rehabilitation specialist.

c. Payment for any leave, including sick leave or vacation time, and holiday pay is the responsibility of the Contractor.

Let's make dreams come true.

d. All costs associated with travel, transportation, lodging or any other miscellaneous expenses related to this work shall be the sole responsibility of the contractor.

2. General Duties: The contract driving rehabilitation specialist shall perform services, which include, but are not limited to the following:

a. The contract driving rehabilitation specialist's primary functions will be skilled care for VA Southern Nevada Healthcare System (VASNHS) veterans who require specialized evaluation, training, and equipment to be successful and safe drivers.

i. The individual driver rehabilitation specialist must possess:

1. Special abilities and technical skills related to the provision of driver rehabilitation services

2. A medical rehabilitation background

3. Knowledge of residuals of traumatic and non-traumatic disabilities; and

4. Special experience in order to evaluate and determine physical limitations of the Veteran with disabilities and the following modalities; i.e., hand controls, lifts, specialty adaptive driving systems, etc.\

ii. The individual driver rehabilitation specialist must maintain a current knowledge of:

1. Technological advances in adaptive equipment and high-tech driving systems;

2. Changes in automotive design; and

3. Other factors which may influence an individual's capacity to safely operate a motor vehicle.

b. The Contractor and its personnel are expected to comply with all mandated standards and requirements.

c. The Contractor is responsible for completing all mandatory training per VASNHS policy. The contractor must provide documented evidence of completion annually. If contractor fails to comply, suspension or termination of all physical and/or electronic access privileges and removal from contract until such time as the training is complete.

3. Functions:

a. Clinical: Provide accurate reports for all evaluation and training.

i. Report requirements:

1. Interview:

a. Driving History

b. Current needs/goals

c. Usual driving conditions

d. Medical history

Let's make dreams come true.

ii. Clinical Evaluation includes:

1. Vision. Portable vision devices provide an evaluation of certain vision factors necessary to perform a safe driving task. Equipment must be available to measure the following: visual acuity, color perception, field of vision, depth perception, glare recovery, and night vision

2. Reaction Time. A device is used to measure reaction time from acceleration to braking.

3. Cognitive and Perceptional Screening. In screening of basic cognitive and perceptional motor materials, identification and/or verification of a potential problem must be referred to the appropriate professional for a more in-depth evaluation.

4. Neuromotor Assessment. This is a physical assessment of range of motion, strength, sensation, coordination, and endurance.

5. Automobile Accessibility. Transfer in/out of vehicle and stowing of mobility aides (wheelchair, walker, etc). Operation of equipment (headlights, turn signals, gear selector, etc).

6. Behind-the-Wheel Assessment

7. Basic state driving laws

8. Maneuverability in various types of traffic environments.

9. Driving behaviors such as: anxiety, confusion, distractibility, impulsivity.

10. Mental fatigue

b. Access: Contractor to contact patient within reasonable time frame (30 days of initial consult) or document justification of inability to reach patient. Patient contact information to be released to contractor via release of information signed by veteran. Failure to comply with reasonable time frame will result in decrease in compensation rate for initial evaluation by 10% of negotiated cost.

c. Administrative: Documentation of Clinical Chart. The patient's progress must be documented in the m9edical record via scanned reports from the driving rehabilitation specialist from time of initial evaluation and/or assessment until completion of the driver rehabilitation training. The provider will fax or mail records to administrative contract officer representative to have documents scanned into Vista Imaging. The provider will not physically enter records into VA computer database. Documentation must follow local medical facility policy and be in compliance with appropriate accreditation standards (i.e., the Joint Commission and the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

d. The VA will provide the contract driving rehabilitation specialist with all adaptive equipment necessary for driving rehabilitation evaluation and training.

4. Organizational Relationship

a. The contract driving rehabilitation therapist will perform services under the oversight of the VA Chief, Optometry service or his/her designee.

b. Routine work shall be performed with a minimum of supervision and the contract driving rehabilitation therapist will be required to perform duties on their own initiative.

c. The contract driving rehabilitation therapist shall act in a thoroughly professional manner at all times. They shall work in harmony with other members of VA Staff where they are working. Tact and courtesy are mandatory when interacting with patients and staff.

5. Work days/hours

a. Work days/hours: The Contractor shall provide driving rehabilitation therapist shall provide services on a per patient bases as need arises.

b. The contract driving rehabilitation therapist shall not be required to provide on-call or stand-by services.

c. The contract driving rehabilitation therapist shall not be required to provide services on the following federal holidays: New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Day, President's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and any other day specifically declared by the President of the United States to be a Federal Holiday. The contractor will not be required to work weekends.

6. Services

a. The services specified herein may be changed by written modification to this contract. The VA Contracting Officer will prepare the modification.

b. Other personnel and equipment necessary for the operation of the services contracted for will be provided by the VA at levels compatible with the safety of patients, staff, and quality medical care programming.

c. The services to be performed shall be performed in accordance with VA policies and procedures.

7. Qualifications

a. Prior to performing any work under this contract the qualifications of the contract driving rehabilitation specialist must be submitted to the VA Chief, Optometry service or his/her designee for approval.

b. In order to perform the services covered by this contract the contractor shall have a minimum of a Baccalaureate Degree in occupational therapy. The contractor shall also be certified as a driving rehabilitation therapist, hand therapist, and a licensed driving instructor with their own driving school. Updated licensing, registration, and certification must be provided as they are renewed yearly. Failure to comply will result in termination of the contract.

c. Appropriate referrals need to be initiated by the driver rehabilitation specialist to other services for more detailed evaluations as indicated (i.e. cognitive assessment, neuro-sensory evaluation, visual examination, etc.). Additional university credentials, State certification and/or successful completion of the National Driver Rehabilitation Specialist Examination sponsored by Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists (ADED) , formerly known as the Association for Driver Educators for the Disabled, is encouraged. Qualifications shall be subject to review by the VA Chief of Staff and approval by the VA Facility Director.

d. The contractor's personnel shall be responsible and able to show evidence of reliability, ability and experience. Verified references of ability and qualifications may be accepted by the Contracting Officer to satisfy these requirements.

e. Before commencing work under this contract, the Contractor, shall provide, and thereafter maintain for the duration of the contract, Liability Insurance in conformance with applicable Nevada State requirements for the service contemplated. Evidence of insurance will not be waived.


Copyright: (c) 2013 Federal Information & News Dispatch, Inc.
Wordcount: 1943


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