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Lankford: People Must Have Confidence Their Information is Secure

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WASHINGTON, Jan. 10 -- Rep. James Lankford, R-Okla. (5th CD), has issued the following news release:

Representative James Lankford (R-OK) was proud to support the Health Exchange Security and Transparency Act passed by the House today. The legislation addresses some of the concerns raised in several House committee hearings, including hearings in July and November 2013 in Rep. Lankford's Subcommittee on Energy Policy, Health Care and Entitlements. The bill requires the Administration to notify Americans if their personal information is compromised, which is currently not required.

"The White House is working overtime to protect the reputation of its Administration, rather than protecting the private information of the American people," said Lankford.

"People must have confidence that their information and their children's information is secure. Sound security protocols and basic transparency is essential for any organization handling personal information. H.R. 3811 was developed as a result of information gathered in a number of House Committee hearings, including the Oversight Subcommittee I chair. We heard witness testimony about these issues, compiled reports, followed up with necessary letters and finally addressed the problems through this common-sense bill. I was glad to see many Oklahomans active and vocal about their security concerns throughout the legislative process.

"Security concerns begin with the healthcare law's 'Navigators and Assistors,' whose backgrounds and security training are unknown. Chairman Issa and I, along with other members of the Committee, have sent numerous letters to Secretary Sebelius outlining our security concerns.

"As Americans' personal information moves into the HHS data hub, the exchange system begins to ping various federal agencies for information, leaving Americans' personal data vulnerable to attack and theft. I am proud that our oversight work at the committee-level helped shed necessary light on these security concerns, which ultimately led to the language in the important bill we passed today," concluded Lankford.

Rep. Lankford's Oversight Subcommittee heard from panels of Administration and IT witnesses, state attorneys general and policy experts, who discussed the massive HHS data hub and the potential for security breaches in the data collection process. The IT and Administration experts explained how they planned to operate the largest data hub in federal government history--for which no one could cite a clearly articulated legal necessity--to distribute personal data required for implementing the Affordable Care Act.

When fully deployed, the database of every American will include personal contact information, tax information, Social Security data, employer-sponsored health insurance coverage, names of family members and a host of other records from the IRS to the Peace Corps.

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