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Life Insurance For People Over 65: Necessary During Retirement?

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(PRWEB) January 09, 2014

People who have bought a life insurance policy in the past, often wonder if they still need life insurance during retirement. A life insurance plan can be a good way to financially protect dependent family members and cover the expensive burial costs. Depending on their financial situation, seniors can either keep, cancel or sell their policy.

Contrary to a common misconception, life insurance plans do not become more expensive as the insured grows older. The life insurance premiums stay the same until the end of the policy’s term. permanent plans, for example, will never change their rates and the insured will pay the same amount throughout the entire duration of the plan. Term life insurance policies can expire and renewing the plan will come at a price increase, but this is similar to taking a new policy.

Many seniors who have life insurance can sell their plan if they cannot keep paying for the premiums during retirement Since retirement is a period with limited financial possibilities, paying for life coverage can be difficult. However, life insurance is still very important for seniors who have dependents or need to cover their burial costs.

“Life insurance is something worth keeping even during retirement, as in the end, a plan guarantees the financial stability of your family,” said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company.

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Are you offering the right health coverage to your senior clients?


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Are you offering the right health coverage to your senior clients?