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How to make Big money with your own book.
How to make Big money with your own book.
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The Producers Group Announces The Women’s Professional Group

The WPG will exist as a distinctive group to specifically address the needs of women producers.

San Diego, CA The Producers Group, a leader in Life Insurance Brokerage, seeks to expand its level of expertise by introducing the Women’s Professional Group (WPG) to its repertoire. The WPG will largely be made up of financial advisors who are women and will serve as a forum where they can come together and share their perspectives on the unique needs women have in this profession. The Producers Group will provide a platform for this group to take advantage of powerful webinars, insightful sales ideas, useful trade tools, and informative marketing practices from leaders in the insurance industry.

As part of this group, women producers will be invited to various events and training seminars that will help grow their business and create new opportunities to develop relationships through networking opportunities.

Some of the board members include Alexandra Galindez, Vice President of Multicultural Marketing for Prudential’s U.S. business, Heidi Luke, Business Analyst and Head of Operations for The Producers Group, and Helen Ma, a recently independent agent after 20 years of success as agent and manager within a career company.

“Prudential has been studying the financial behaviors and experiences of women for 12 years,” said Galindez. “In our most recent study, more than a third of women who do not use a financial professional would consider doing so. However, they remain relatively under-served by advisors. We recognize, support, and embrace the unique circumstances and challenges that women encounter as financial advisors. This relationship with The Producers Group will leverage resources to move toward new strategies to better reach diverse markets, including women, and the advisors they work with.”

Helen Ma, another member of The PG’s Woman’s Advisory Council, had this to say, “The Producer Group’s WPG has created a forum that provides comprehensive and simple strategies to help with the needs of professional women in the financial services industry. It’s a platform that serves to educate, guide, and mentor women like me who practice independently”.

In addition, our very own Heidi Luke was quoted saying, “I’m very excited to be part of a serious professional women’s group that focuses on the needs of women and their customers. Women producers are a growing focal point in the industry and The Producers Group recognizes the importance of helping this expanding market.”

The induction of the Women’s Professional group is but one of many exciting ventures coming down the pipeline for The Producers Group. Keep an eye out for more exciting news from The PG.

Established in 1997 and built with over 100 years of combined experience, the leadership of The Producers Group offers one of the most knowledgeable, privately owned brokerage general agencies in the country. We offer high touch concierge service with creative insight that can help you find solutions for your clients in Life Insurance, Annuities, Long Term Care and Disability Insurance.

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Eric Freundt (858) 764-6496


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