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Commercial Vehicle Insurance Rates Viewable Using New System for Small Business Owners at Auto Website

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Oklahoma City, OK (PRWEB) December 11, 2013

Small business owners who use one or multiple vehicles for business purposes can now benefit from an insurance research tool added online. The Auto Pros company has configured its commercial vehicle insurance rates tool to instantly generate a price for business owners at

The costs for insurance for automotive use for businesses can be higher compared to consumer rates that insurers underwrite. Business vehicles can traditionally have a higher risk of accidents or collisions and these risks are generally figured into the rates that small business owners pay to be insured.

The rates tool that is publicly available for business owners online is offering some of the lowest available pricing through national companies. All price matching that can be performed when using the connected system offered by the Auto Pros company uses a zip code.

"Businesses seeking insurance for company vehicles are asked to enter a zip code to help match commercial policies from companies in the U.S. instead of supplying individual driver details," a source from the company said.

This updated method of helping to connect business owners with insurance companies online preserves to the security of the online system. No data exchanges are required to receive any price quote from providers listed in the system. This open access is a new concept featured on the Auto Pros company website.

"Each provider that is supplying business insurance policy quotations using the finder tool is researched before these companies are added to ensure discount pricing is distributed," the source included.

The additional tools that the Auto Pros company has developed for consumers and business owners to use this year can be located on the company homepage. A related system to the insurance finder is the warranty insurance policy matching tool found at

This additional secure system can be one method that a vehicle owner uses to locate a policy able to help cover the repair expenses when a vehicle breaks down or is damaged beyond normal insurance repair coverage.


The company has configured the tools that are featured online to be used by American consumers when researching vehicle insurance or auto parts from top dealers. The online customer support currently provided by this company is handled through a support system maintained by company staff. The company has grown its database programs this year to include additional auto services that the public can use to connect with different companies in the U.S. New partners that are researched and validated for auto services are added weekly.

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