Driver fired after cement truck damages road [Telegraph-Herald (Dubuque, IA)]

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ST. DONATUS, Iowa - A cement-truck driver accused of causing as much as $400,000 damage to a road near St. Donatus was fired after the incident, according to his former employer Tuesday.

Online court records show about 50 citations against Vance O'Hara, including numerous traffic infractions over several years.

According to police, O'Hara, working for Perfection Concrete, drove his cement truck around barricades Friday night and onto a freshly poured surface on Centerville Road. The truck traveled about a quarter-mile, leaving 3-inch to 6-inch ruts.

No charges have been filed in the case.

Julie Hoffmann, daughter of the owners of Perfection Concrete, said O'Hara was a new employee and that he made the decision to drive on the road.

In a post on Facebook, Hoffmann wrote, "Perfection Concrete does not condone this type of negligent behavior by their employees. Vance O'Hara acted based on his discretion and that we cannot explain or understand."

She said that shortly after the company learned of the incident, O'Hara was fired "and his actions were reported to the sheriff."

Jackson County supervisors also said another driver from Perfection attempted to go around the barricades, but he was stopped by neighbors.

His name was not released.

County Engineer Clark Schloz praised the neighbors for their quick thinking in reporting the damage.

The supervisors said Tuesday morning that they want the damaged portion of the road replaced, rather than just repaired.

But supervisors now are worried about getting the road complete. The stretch of roadway had been set to open this week.

"We don't want residents to have to drive 20 miles out of their way to take their kids to school," said Supervisor Larry Koos.

Supervisor Steve Flynn, former owner of Century Concrete, said that now whoever does the roadwork will have to use hot water and other chemicals because of the temperature. He said that there are more costs with winter pourings.

Flynn said it could be six months to a year before the insurance companies settle the issue.

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Koos and Supervisor Jack Willey said that time frame isn't acceptable because the road needs to be open for local residents.

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