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County of Sussex Receives a Safety and Loss Control Award for their Commitment to Safety

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NEWTON, N.J., Feb. 14 -- Sussex County issued the following news release:

Statewide Insurance Fund Chairman, John Hatzelis presented the County of Sussex with a plaque recognizing their commitment to safety throughout 2012.

The presentation was held at the Statewide Insurance Fund's annual re-organization meeting at the Olde Mill Inn in Basking Ridge.

Fund Chairman Hatzelis noted "The core mission of Statewide is to provide affordable, comprehensive insurance coverage to NJ public entities. This mission is achievable by each member's participation in Statewide's safety and risk management programs, which are tailored specifically for the public sector. Insurance claim costs are the single largest expense of providing insurance coverage. A reduction in claims through a commitment to safety results in savings for all Statewide Fund members. This savings provides public entities budget relief which is more important today then ever before. Thank you for your commitment."

The Fund was formed in 1994 to address the insurance crisis that was facing public entities.

Their insurance coverages were becoming restrictive and their insurance premiums were escalating out of control. Today, the Fund has members throughout the State and provides property, liability and workers' compensation coverage to its members.

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