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Troubled Dutch bank SNS looking at share issue

Associated Press

AMSTERDAM -- SNS Reeal NV, the troubled Dutch banking and insurance group, is looking to strengthen its capital reserves through strategies including a possible share issue.

SNS, which has assets worth (EURO)134 billion as of the end of June 2012, has been profitable in recent quarters. But its solvency has deteriorated as the (EURO)9.8 billion property financing portfolio it bought from ABN Amro in 2006 has booked big losses on foreign investments and the Dutch commercial real estate market.

The bank still owes the Dutch state (EURO)750 million from a bailout it received in 2008. Its stock market value has sunk to (EURO)200 million despite a book value of (EURO)4.8 billion at last report.

In Monday's statement, the company said all solutions would involve hiving off the hard-to-value real estate financing business.

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