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Warnings About Fake Auto Insurance Policy Reps

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Seattle, Washington (PRWEB) January 22, 2013

Even though the most recent incident in Michigan was responded to on January 15th by Michiganregulators, Rate Digest is warning consumers to be careful of insurance fraud that could also take place in Washington State.

Motorists can help bring attention to possible incidents as in one case, when officials found a fake insurance provider when a driver reported documents that contained contradictory information and misspellings.

In the most recent case that received a public notice from the Michigan government website, Commissioner Kevin Clinton made a statement urging drivers who bought policies from another fake insurance representative to buy coverage from a legitimate source immediately because “Right now they’re driving without insurance.”

A cease-and-desist order had been issued January 18th of this month in the latest incident with Mervin Graber, and he was barred from doing business. Unfortunately, this is leaving a lot of motorists without proper coverage, who think they are still covered.

Rate Digest is encouraging drivers to make sure and know the information that is available to them to follow up on providers and, if they aren't sure, to make sure and use known auto insurance providers. “It doesn’t take very long and it can safeguard against issues in the future,” said VP Neil Eneix.

For consumers wanting to make sure that they are getting a legitimate quote or getting legitimate coverage, they can check with the Washington Statewebsite and search by agent, agency, or company to make sure that their coverage is good in Washington.

Rate Digest is encouraging motorists to look up Insurance providers or agents if they aren't sure about their product to make sure that they are legitimate providers here in Washington.

About helps consumers search and find the most dependable and affordable rates on cheap car insurance through their advanced insurance comparison tools from top insurance providers. Drivers simply enter their zip code to get immediate and accurate car insurance quotes from national insurers.

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