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Affordable Care Act Video Survival Guide Now Available For Benefits Firms

SCARBOROUGH, ME - January 17, 2013

Today, Video Benefits Guy, LLC announced the release of its ACA Video Survival Guide, a one-of-a-kind resource to help benefits firms and employers navigate the Affordable Care Act. The ACA Video Survival Guide contains a series of online videos explaining key concepts of ACA in an engaging and easy to understand format, accessible from computers and mobile devices. At launch there are 17 unique ACA titles but there are actually 34 videos because each title has a “Spokesperson” or “Voiceover” version for clients to choose from depending on their preference.

“There’s certainly no shortage of written content about ACA,” states David Cleary, the company’s founder and Chief Video Benefits Guy. But employers need to get up to speed to understand ACA and digest lots of information – video content has many advantages over written text to inform and educate.”

“Employers are looking to their benefits advisors for guidance on ACA, and this new resource can provide information employers want and need, quickly and efficiently.” Benefits firms will also find a unique competitive advantage here since only benefits firms that are part of the company’s Production Partner Program will have access to the ACA Video Survival Guide.

The ACA videos are part of the company’s extensive Video Benefits Library and Video Benefits Meeting platform.

The ACA Video Survival Guide can be personalized with employer logos as well as documents, links and contact information.

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To learn more and see the ACA Video Survival Guide in action, visit the link below:

ABOUT VIDEO BENEFITS GUY, LLC: David Cleary founded Video Benefits Guy, LLC in 2008 with a vision of transforming employee benefits communication through the explosive trends of online video and mobile platforms. The company believes that today’s employers and employees (benefits consumers) need and expect information that’s delivered when and where they need it…in a variety of formats including online video and increasingly through mobile devices and platforms. The company envisions online video for employee benefits education and communication becoming a key component of an employer’s benefits communication strategy. Solutions can “stand-alone” or be combined in various ways with existing communication tools including e-mail, web sites, portals, intranets, enrollment systems and more.

Video Benefits Guy, LLC


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