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GIFTSURANCE Policies-Revolutionary Product for the Insurance Industry

GIFTSURANCE Gift Insurance Policies

Revolutionary Insurance Product Capitalizes on eCommerce & Phone Apps

“The new GIFTSURANCE policy is an insurance product that says ‘We love you’ in a special way,” according to Dr. Guy McClung of GLM Creations. A GIFTSURANCE policy can be given to a person for a wide variety of achievements and events. Paticipants download a GIFTSURANCE computer app to their computer or smartphone and then agree to fund a policy with a certain amount. The individual amounts committed to are totaled and, based on a prearranged agreement with an insurance company, a paid-up life insurance policy is presented to the person as a gift. An Ewallet can be used to provide a funding amount. Imagine that a bride and groom include on their registry of wedding gifts the GIFTSURANCE computer app and then, at the reception, the total amount gifted is finalized and both bride and groom receive a paid-up insurance policy to begin their married life. At any event, a real time ongoing updated total of commitments can be provided on public screens and on cellphones with a corresponding life policy amount of coverage. Dr. McClung says “There is no limit to the types of events or achievements which can be the basis for the gift of a GIFTSURANCE policy”. GIFTSURANCE policies can be made available for any occasion, e.g., baptisms, graduations, bar mitzvahs, anniversaries, or birthdays.

The GIFTSURANCE inventions, computer apps, patent application, and related intellectual property are available for sale or licensing. For contact information, go to


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