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Changes in Flood Hazard Determinations

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Citation: "78 FR 747"

Document Number: "Docket ID FEMA-2012-0003: Internal Agency Docket No. FEMA-B-1279"

Page Number: "747"


SUMMARY: This notice lists communities where the addition or modification of Base Flood Elevations (BFEs), base flood depths, Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) boundaries or zone designations, or the regulatory floodway (hereinafter referred to as flood hazard determinations), as shown on the Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs), and where applicable, in the supporting Flood Insurance Study (FIS) reports, prepared by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for each community, is appropriate because of new scientific or technical data. The FIRM, and where applicable, portions of the FIS report, have been revised to reflect these flood hazard determinations through issuance of a Letter of Map Revision (LOMR), in accordance with Title 44, Part 65 of the Code of Federal Regulations (44 CFR part 65). The LOMR will be used by insurance agents and others to calculate appropriate flood insurance premium rates for new buildings and the contents of those buildings. For rating purposes, the currently effective community number is shown in the table below and must be used for all new policies and renewals.

   DATES: These flood hazard determinations will become effective on the dates listed in the table below and revise the FIRM panels and FIS report in effect prior to this determination for the listed communities.

   From the date of the second publication of notification of these changes in a newspaper of local circulation, any person has ninety (90) days in which to request through the community that the Deputy Associate Administrator for Mitigation reconsider the changes. The flood hazard determination information may be changed during the 90-day period.

   ADDRESSES: The affected communities are listed in the table below. Revised flood hazard information for each community is available for inspection at both the online location and the respective community map repository address listed in the table below. Additionally, the current effective FIRM and FIS report for each community are accessible online through the FEMA Map Service Center at for comparison.

   Submit comments and/or appeals to the Chief Executive Officer of the community as listed in the table below.

   FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Luis Rodriguez, Chief, Engineering Management Branch, Federal Insurance and Mitigation Administration, FEMA, 500 C Street SW., Washington, DC 20472, (202) 646-4064, or (email) [email protected]; or visit the FEMA Map Information eXchange (FMIX) online at

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   SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The specific flood hazard determinations are not described for each community in this notice. However, the online location and local community map repository address where the flood hazard determination information is available for inspection is provided.

   Any request for reconsideration of flood hazard determinations must be submitted to the Chief Executive Officer of the community as listed in the table below.

   The modifications are made pursuant to section 201 of the Flood Disaster Protection Act of 1973, 42 U.S.C. 4105, and are in accordance with the National Flood Insurance Act of 1968, 42 U.S.C. 4001 et seq., and with 44 CFR part 65.

   The FIRM and FIS report are the basis of the floodplain management measures that the community is required either to adopt or to show evidence of having in effect in order to qualify or remain qualified for participation in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

   These flood hazard determinations, together with the floodplain management criteria required by 44 CFR 60.3, are the minimum that are required. They should not be construed to mean that the community must change any existing ordinances that are more stringent in their floodplain management requirements. The community may at any time enact stricter requirements of its own or pursuant to policies established by other Federal, State, or regional entities. The flood hazard determinations are in accordance with 44 CFR 65.4.

   The affected communities are listed in the following table. Flood hazard determination information for each community is available for inspection at both the online location and the respective community map repository address listed in the table below. Additionally, the current effective FIRM and FIS report for each community are accessible online through the FEMA Map Service Center at for comparison.

State and county   Location and case  Chief executive    Community map
                   No.                officer of         repository

Alabama: Morgan    City of Decatur    The Honorable Don  City Hall, 402 Lee
                   (12-04-5276P)      Stanford, Mayor,   Street Northeast,
                                      City of Decatur,   Decatur, AL 35601
                                      P.O. Box 488,
                                      Decatur, AL 35602
Arizona: Maricopa  Unincorporated     The Honorable Max  2801 West Durango
                   areas of Maricopa  W. Wilson,         Street, Phoenix,
                   County (12-09-     Chairman, Maricopa AZ 85009
                   0756P)             County Board of
                                      Supervisors, 301
                                      West Jefferson
                                      Street, 10th
                                      Floor, Phoenix, AZ
Riverside          Unincorporated     The Honorable John Riverside County
                   areas of Riverside F. Tavaglione,     Flood Control and
                   County (12-09-     Chairman,          Water Conservation
                   0462P)             Riverside County   District, 1995
                                      Board of           Market Street,
                                      Supervisors, 4080  Riverside, CA
                                      Lemon Street,      92501
                                      Riverside, CA
San Bernardino     City of Ontario    The Honorable Paul City Hall,
                   (12-09-2406P)      S. Leon, Mayor,    Engineering
                                      City of Ontario,   Department Public
                                      303 East B Street, Counter, 303 East
                                      Ontario, CA 91764  B Street, Ontario,
                                                         CA 91764
San Diego          City of Coronado   The Honorable      City Hall, 1825
                   (12-09-2589P)      Casey Tanaka,      Strand Way,
                                      Mayor, City of     Coronado, CA 92118
                                      Coronado, 1825
                                      Strand Way,
                                      Coronado, CA 92118
San Diego          City of San Diego  The Honorable      202 C Street, San
                   (12-09-0966P)      Jerry Sanders,     Diego, CA 92101
                                      Mayor, City of San
                                      Diego, 202 C
                                      Street, San Diego,
                                      CA 92101
San Diego          City of San Marcos The Honorable Jim  City Hall, 1 Civic
                   (12-09-1988P)      Desmond, Mayor,    Center Drive, San
                                      City of San        Marcos, CA 92069
                                      Marcos, 1 Civic
                                      Center Drive, San
                                      Marcos, CA 92069
San Diego          Unincorporated     The Honorable Ron  5555 Overland
                   areas of San Diego Roberts, Chairman, Avenue, San Diego,
                   County (12-09-     San Diego County   CA 92101
                   0044P)             Board of
                                      Supervisors, 1600
                                      Pacific Highway,
                                      San Diego, CA
Solano             Unincorporated     The Honorable      Solano County
                   areas of Solano    Linda J. Seifert,  Public Works
                   County (12-09-     Chair, Solano      Department, 675
                   1553P)             County Board of    Texas Street,
                                      Supervisors, 675   Suite 5500,
                                      Texas Street,      Fairfield, CA
                                      Suite 6500,        94533
                                      Fairfield, CA
Douglas            Unincorporated     The Honorable Jack Douglas County
                   areas of Douglas   Hilbert, Chairman, Department of
                   County (12-08-     Douglas County     Public Works,
                   0727P)             Board of           Engineering
                                      Commissioners, 100 Division, 100 3rd
                                      3rd Street, Castle Street, Castle
                                      Rock, CO 80104     Rock, CO 80104
Jefferson          City of Golden     The Honorable      Public Works and
                   (12-08-0103P)      Marjorie Sloan,    Planning
                                      Mayor, City of     Department, 1445
                                      Golden, 911 10th   10th Street,
                                      Street, Golden, CO Golden, CO 80401
Jefferson          Unincorporated     The Honorable      Jefferson County
                   areas of Jefferson Donald Rosier,     Department of
                   County (12-08-     Chairman,          Planning and
                   0572P)             Jefferson County   Zoning, 100
                                      Board of           Jefferson County
                                      Commissioners, 100 Parkway, Suite 3,
                                      Jefferson County   Golden, CO 80419
                                      Parkway, Golden,
                                      CO 80419
New Haven          Town of Guilford   The Honorable      50 Boston Street,
                   (12-01-0839P)      Joseph S. Mazza,   Guilford, CT 06437
                                      First Selectman,
                                      Town of Guilford
                                      Board of
                                      Selectmen, 31 Park
                                      Street, Guilford,
                                      CT 06437
Lee                City of Fort Myers The Honorable      Community
                   (12-04-3735P)      Randy Henderson,   Development
                                      Jr., Mayor, City   Department, 1825
                                      of Fort Myers,     Hendry Street,
                                      2200 2nd Street,   Fort Myers, FL
                                      Fort Myers, FL     33901
Lee                Unincorporated     The Honorable John Lee County
                   areas of Lee       E. Manning,        Community
                   County (12-04-     Chairman, Lee      Development
                   3735P)             County Board of    Department, 1500
                                      Commissioners,     Monroe Street, 2nd
                                      P.O. Box 398, Fort Floor, Fort Myers,
                                      Myers, FL 33902    FL 33901
Orange             City of Orlando    The Honorable      Permitting
                   (12-04-6040P)      Buddy Dyer, Mayor, Services, 400
                                      City of Orlando,   South Orange
                                      P.O. Box 4990,     Avenue, Orlando,
                                      Orlando, FL 32808  FL 32301
Orange             Unincorporated     The Honorable      Orange County
                   areas of Orange    Teresa Jacobs,     Stormwater
                   County (12-04-     Mayor, Orange      Management
                   6040P)             County, 201 South  Department, 4200
                                      Rosalind Avenue,   South John Young
                                      5th Floor,         Parkway, Orlando,
                                      Orlando, FL 32801  FL 32839
Georgia: Columbia  Unincorporated     The Honorable Ron  Columbia County
                   areas of Columbia  C. Cross,          Development
                   County (12-04-     Chairman, Columbia Services Division,
                   4789P)             County Board of    630 Ronald Reagan
                                      Commissioners,     Drive, Evans, GA
                                      P.O. Box 498,      30809
                                      Evans, GA 30809
Floyd              City of New Albany The Honorable Jeff 311 Hauss Square,
                   (12-05-0562P)      M. Gahan, Mayor,   New Albany, IN
                                      City of New        47150
                                      Albany, 311 Hauss
                                      Square, Suite 316,
                                      New Albany, IN
Hendricks          Unincorporated     The Honorable Eric 355 South
                   areas of Hendricks L. Wathen,         Washington Street,
                   County (12-05-     President,         Danville, IN 46122
                   0826P)             Hendricks County
                                      Board of
                                      Commissioners, 355
                                      South Washington
                                      Street, Danville,
                                      IN 46122
Iowa: Black Hawk   City of Cedar      The Honorable Jon  220 Clay Street,
                   Falls (12-07-      Crews, Mayor, City Cedar Falls, IA
                   1218P)             of Cedar Falls,    50613
                                      220 Clay Street,
                                      Cedar Falls, IA
Cumberland         City of Portland   The Honorable      389 Congress
                   (12-01-0271P)      Michael Brennan,   Street, Portland,
                                      Mayor, City of     ME 04101
                                      Portland, 389
                                      Congress Street,
                                      Portland, ME 04101
York               Town of Kittery    The Honorable      200 Rogers Road,
                   (12-01-1257P)      Judith Spiller,    Kittery, ME 03904
                                      Chair, Kittery
                                      Town Council, 200
                                      Rogers Road,
                                      Kittery, ME 03904
Ingham             Charter Township   The Honorable      5151 Marsh Road,
                   of Meridian (12-   Susan              Okemos, MI 48864
                   05-0834P)          McGillicuddy,
                                      Meridian Township
                                      Board, 5151 Marsh
                                      Road, Okemos, MI
Macomb             Charter Township   The Honorable      40700 Romeo Plank
                   of Clinton (12-05- Robert J. Cannon,  Road, Clinton
                   2784P)             Supervisor,        Township, MI 48038
                                      Clinton Township
                                      Board of Trustees,
                                      40700 Romeo Plank
                                      Road, Clinton
                                      Township, MI 48038
Oakland            City of Troy (12-  The Honorable      500 West Big
                   05-7920P)          Janice Daniels,    Beaver Road, Troy,
                                      Mayor, City of     MI 48084
                                      Troy, 500 West Big
                                      Beaver Road, Troy,
                                      MI 48084
Minnesota: Rice    City of Northfield The Honorable Mary 801 Washington
                   (12-05-1809P)      Rossing, Mayor,    Street,
                                      City of            Northfield, MN
                                      Northfield, 801    55057
                                      Washington Street,
                                      Northfield, MN
Boone              Unincorporated     The Honorable Dan  801 East Walnut,
                   areas of Boone     Atwill, Presiding  Columbia, MO 65201
                   County (12-07-     Commissioner,
                   0634P)             Boone County Board
                                      of Commissioners,
                                      801 East Walnut,
                                      Room 333,
                                      Columbia, MO 65201
Greene             City of            The Honorable Bob  840 Boonville
                   Springfield (12-   Stephens, Mayor,   Avenue,
                   07-2301P)          City of            Springfield, MO
                                      Springfield, 840   65801
                                      Boonville Avenue,
                                      Springfield, MO
St. Charles        City of O'Fallon   The Honorable Bill 100 North Main
                   (12-07-0766P)      Hennessy, Mayor,   Street, O'Fallon,
                                      City of O'Fallon,  MO 63366
                                      100 North Main
                                      Street, O'Fallon,
                                      MO 63366
St. Charles        Unincorporated     The Honorable      300 North 2nd
                   areas of St.       Nancy Matheny,     Street, St.
                   Charles County     Chair, St. Charles Charles, MO 63301
                   (12-07-0766P)      County Counsel,
                                      100 North 3rd
                                      Street, Suite 124,
                                      St. Charles, MO
Dakota             Village of Homer   The Honorable      110 John Street,
                   (12-07-1010P)      Corbet Dorsey,     Homer, NE 68030
                                      Chairman, Homer
                                      Village Board, 110
                                      John Street,
                                      Homer, NE 68030
Lancaster          City of Lincoln    The Honorable      555 South 10th
                   (12-07-2343P)      Chris Beutler,     Street, Suite 301,
                                      Mayor, City of     Lincoln, NE 68508
                                      Lincoln, 555 South
                                      10th Street, Suite
                                      301, Lincoln, NE
New Hampshire:
Belknap            Town of Belmont    The Honorable Jon  143 Main Street,
                   (12-01-0021P)      Pike, Chairman,    Belmont, NH 03220
                                      Board of
                                      Selectmen, 143
                                      Main Street,
                                      Belmont, NH 03220
Hillsborough       City of Nashua     The Honorable      229 Main Street,
                   (12-01-0285P)      Donnalee Lozeau,   Nashua, NH 03061
                                      Mayor, City of
                                      Nashua, 229 Main
                                      Street, Nashua, NH
New York:          Village of         The Honorable      Building
Westchester        Mamaroneck (12-02- Norman S.          Department, 169
                   1302P)             Rosenblum, Mayor,  Mount Pleasant
                                      Village of         Avenue, 3rd Floor,
                                      Mamaroneck, 123    Mamaroneck, NY
                                      Mamaroneck Avenue, 10543
                                      Mamaroneck, NY
North Dakota:      City of Dickinson  The Honorable      Building
Stark              (12-08-0288P)      Dennis W. Johnson, Department, 99 2nd
                                      Mayor, City of     Street East,
                                      Dickinson, 99 2nd  Dickinson, ND
                                      Street East,       58601
                                      Dickinson, ND
Athens             City of Athens     The Honorable Paul 28 Curran Drive,
                   (12-05-4250P)      Wiehl, Mayor, City Athens, OH 45701
                                      of Athens, 8 East
                                      Washington Street,
                                      Athens, OH 45701
Athens             Unincorporated     The Honorable      69 South Plains
                   areas of Athens    Lenny Eliason,     Road, The Plains,
                   County (12-05-     Chair, Athens      OH 45780
                   4250P)             County Board of
                                      Commissioners, 15
                                      South Court
                                      Street, Room 234,
                                      Athens, OH 45701
Cuyahoga           City of            The Honorable      16099 Foltz
                   Strongsville (12-  Thomas P. Perciak, Industrial
                   05-0377P)          Mayor, City of     Parkway,
                                      Strongsville,      Strongsville, OH
                                      16099 Foltz        44149
                                      Strongsville, OH
Franklin           City of Columbus   The Honorable      90 West Broad
                   (11-05-7877P)      Michael B.         Street, Columbus,
                                      Coleman, Mayor,    OH 43215
                                      City of Columbus,
                                      90 West Broad
                                      Street, 2nd Floor,
                                      Columbus, OH 43215
Franklin           Unincorporated     The Honorable      280 East Broad
                   areas of Franklin  Marilyn Brown,     Street, Columbus,
                   County (11-05-     President,         OH 43215
                   7877P)             Franklin County
                                      Board of
                                      Commissioners, 373
                                      South High Street,
                                      26th Floor,
                                      Columbus, OH 43215
Lucas              City of Toledo     The Honorable      6200 Bay Shore
                   (12-05-6346P)      Michael P. Bell,   Road, Suite 300,
                                      Mayor, City of     Toledo, OH 43616
                                      Toledo, 640
                                      Jackson Street,
                                      Suite 2200,
                                      Toledo, OH 43604
Montgomery         City of Englewood  The Honorable      333 West National
                   (12-05-5251P)      Patricia Burnside, Road, Englewood,
                                      Mayor, City of     OH 45322
                                      Englewood, 333
                                      West National
                                      Road, Englewood,
                                      OH 45322
Warren             City of Franklin   The Honorable      1 Benjamin
                   (12-05-0770P)      Scott Lipps,       Franklin Way,
                                      Mayor, City of     Franklin, OH 45005
                                      Franklin, 1
                                      Benjamin Franklin
                                      Way, Franklin, OH
Clackamas          City of Lake       The Honorable Jack 380 A Avenue, Lake
                   Oswego (12-10-     Hoffman, Mayor,    Oswego, OR 97034
                   0728P)             City of Lake
                                      Oswego, 380 A
                                      Avenue, Lake
                                      Oswego, OR 97034
Jackson            Unincorporated     The Honorable Don  10 South Oakdale
                   areas of Jackson   Skundrick, Chair,  Avenue, Room 100,
                   County (11-10-     Jackson County     Medford, OR 97501
                   1783P)             Board of
                                      Commissioners, 10
                                      South Oakdale
                                      Avenue, Room 100,
                                      Medford, OR 97501
Josephine          Unincorporated     The Honorable      510 Northwest 4th
                   areas of Josephine Simon G. Hare,     Street, Grants
                   County (11-10-     Chair, Josephine   Pass, OR 97526
                   1783P)             County Board of
                                      Commissioners, 500
                                      Northwest 6th
                                      Street, Grant
                                      Pass, OR 97526
Linn               City of Sweet Home The Honorable      1140 12th Avenue,
                   (12-10-0280P)      Craig Fentiman,    Sweet Home, OR
                                      Mayor, City of     97386
                                      Sweet Home, 1140
                                      12th Avenue, Sweet
                                      Home, OR 97386
Marion             City of Salem (11- The Honorable Anna 555 Liberty Street
                   10-1646P)          M. Peterson,       Southeast, Salem,
                                      Mayor, City of     OR 97301
                                      Salem, 555 Liberty
                                      Street Southeast,
                                      Room 220, Salem,
                                      OR 97301
Marion             Unincorporated     The Honorable      3150 Lancaster
                   areas of Marion    Patti Milne,       Drive Northeast,
                   County (12-10-     Chair, Marion      Salem, OR 97305
                   0559P)             County Board of
                                      Commissioners, 100
                                      High Street
                                      Northeast, Salem,
                                      OR 97301
Multnomah          City of Fairview   The Honorable Mike 1300 Northeast
                   (11-10-1884P)      Weatherby, Mayor,  Village Street,
                                      City of Fairview,  Fairview, OR 97024
                                      1300 Northeast
                                      Village Street,
                                      Fairview, OR 97024
Multnomah          City of Troutdale  The Honorable      19 East Historic
                   (11-10-1884P)      James Knight,      Columbia River
                                      Mayor, City of     Highway,
                                      Troutdale, 104     Troutdale, OR
                                      Southeast Kibling, 97060
                                      Troutdale, OR
Multnomah          City of Wood       The Honorable      2055 Northeast
                   Village (11-10-    Patricia Smith,    238th Drive, Wood
                   1884P)             Mayor, City of     Village, OR 97060
                                      Fairview, 2055
                                      Northeast 238th
                                      Drive, Wood
                                      Village, OR 97060
South Carolina:
Richland           Unincorporated     The Honorable      Richland County
                   areas of Richland  Kelvin Washington, Administration
                   County (12-04-     Chairman, Richland Building, 2020
                   1256P)             County Council,    Hampton Street,
                                      2020 Hampton       1st Floor,
                                      Street, Columbia,  Columbia, SC 29204
                                      SC 29204
Hamilton           City of            The Honorable John City Hall, 4910
                   Collegedale (11-   Turner, Mayor,     Swinyar Drive,
                   04-7989P)          City of            Collegedale, TN
                                      Collegedale, P.O.  37315
                                      Box 1880,
                                      Collegedale, TN
Hamilton           Unincorporated     The Honorable Jim  Hamilton County
                   areas of Hamilton  Coppinger, Mayor,  Regional Planning
                   County (11-04-     Hamilton County,   Department, 1250
                   7989P)             625 Georgia        Market Street,
                                      Avenue,            Chattanooga, TN
                                      Chattanooga, TN    37402
Bexar              City of San        The Honorable      Municipal Plaza,
                   Antonio (12-06-    Julian Castro,     114 West Commerce
                   0109P)             Mayor, City of San Street, 7th Floor,
                                      Antonio, 100       San Antonio, TX
                                      Military Plaza,    78205
                                      San Antonio, TX
Bexar              Unincorporated     The Honorable      Public Works
                   areas of Bexar     Nelson W. Wolff,   Department, 233
                   County (12-06-     Bexar County       North Pecos--La
                   0109P)             Judge, Paul        Trinidad, Suite
                                      Elizondo Tower,    420, San Antonio,
                                      101 West Nueva     TX 78207
                                      Street, 10th
                                      Floor, San
                                      Antonio, TX 78205
Ellis              City of Midlothian The Honorable Bill 104 West Avenue
                   (12-06-0065P)      Houston, Mayor,    East, Midlothian,
                                      City of            TX 76065
                                      Midlothian, 104
                                      West Avenue East,
                                      Midlothian, TX
Harris             City of Baytown    The Honorable      City Hall, 2401
                   (11-06-4571P)      Stephen H.         Market Street,
                                      DonCarlos, Mayor,  Baytown, TX 75522
                                      City of Baytown,
                                      2401 Market
                                      Street, Baytown,
                                      TX 77522
Harris             Unincorporated     The Honorable Ed   10555 Northwest
                   areas of Harris    Emmett, Harris     Freeway, Suite
                   County (11-06-     County Judge, 1001 120, Houston, TX
                   4571P)             Preston Street,    77092
                                      Suite 911,
                                      Houston, TX 77002
Harris             Unincorporated     The Honorable Ed   10555 Northwest
                   areas of Harris    Emmett, Harris     Freeway, Suite
                   County (12-06-     County Judge, 1001 120, Houston, TX
                   2710P)             Preston Street,    77092
                                      Suite 911,
                                      Houston, TX 77002
Lubbock            City of Lubbock    The Honorable Glen City Hall, 1625
                   (12-06-1157P)      Robertson, Mayor,  13th Street,
                                      City of Lubbock,   Lubbock, TX 79408
                                      P.O. Box 2000,
                                      Lubbock, TX 79457
Rockwall           City of Rockwall   The Honorable      City Hall, 205
                   (12-06-2575P)      David Sweet,       West Rusk Street,
                                      Mayor, City of     Rockwall, TX 75087
                                      Rockwall, 385
                                      South Goliad
                                      Street, Rockwall,
                                      TX 75087
King               Unincorporated     The Honorable Dow  201 South Jackson
                   areas of King      Constantine, King  Street, Suite 600,
                   County (11-10-     County Executive,  Seattle, WA 98055
                   1517P)             401 5th Avenue,
                                      Suite 800,
                                      Seattle, WA 98104
Spokane            Unincorporated     The Honorable Todd 1026 West Broadway
                   areas of Spokane   Mielke, Chair,     Avenue, Spokane,
                   County (12-10-     Spokane County     WA 99260
                   0760P)             Board of
                                      1116 West Broadway
                                      Avenue, Spokane,
                                      WA 99260
Dodge              City of Beaver Dam The Honorable Tom  205 South Lincoln
                   (11-05-9168P)      Kennedy, Mayor,    Avenue, Beaver
                                      City of Beaver     Dam, WI 53916
                                      Dam, 205 South
                                      Lincoln Avenue,
                                      Beaver Dam, WI
Green              Unincorporated     The Honorable      1016 16th Avenue,
                   areas of Green     Arthur Carter,     Monroe, WI 53566
                   County (12-05-     Chair, Green
                   1770P)             County Board of
                                      Supervisors, 1016
                                      16th Avenue,
                                      Monroe, WI 53566
Outagamie          Unincorporated     The Honorable      410 South Walnut
                   areas of Outagamie Thomas Nelson,     Street, Appleton,
                   County (12-05-     Outagamie County   WI 54911
                   1117P)             Executive, 410
                                      South Walnut
                                      Street, Appleton,
                                      WI 54911
Rock               City of Janesville The Honorable Eric 18 North Jackson
                   (12-05-4053P)      Levitt, Manager,   Street,
                                      City of            Janesville, WI
                                      Janesville, 18     53547
                                      North Jackson
                                      Street, 3rd Floor,
                                      Janesville, WI
Richland           City of Richland   The Honorable      450 South Main
                   (11-05-7586P)      Larry Fowler,      Street, Richland
                                      Mayor, City of     Center, WI 53581
                                      Richland Center,
                                      450 South Main
                                      Street, Richland
                                      Center, WI 53581
Richland           Unincorporated     The Honorable Ann  181 West Seminary
                   areas of Richland  M. Greenheck,      Street, Room 309,
                   County (11-05-     Chair, Richland    Richland Center,
                   7586P)             County Board of    WI 53581
                                      Supervisors, 31709
                                      State Highway 130,
                                      Lone Rock, WI
Sheboygan          Unincorporated     The Honorable      508 New York
                   areas of Sheboygan Roger L.           Avenue, Room 335,
                   County (12-05-     TeStroete,         Sheboygan, WI
                   4154P)             Chairman,          53081
                                      Sheboygan County
                                      Board, 508 New
                                      York Avenue,
                                      Sheboygan, WI
Sheboygan          Village of         The Honorable      110 North Swift
                   Glenbeulah (12-05- Douglas Daun,      Street,
                   4154P)             President,         Glenbeulah, WI
                                      Glenbeulah Village 53023
                                      Board, 110 North
                                      Swift Street,
                                      Glenbeulah, WI
Waukesha           Unincorporated     The Honorable Don  1320 Pewaukee
                   areas of Waukesha  Vrakas, Waukesha   Road, Room 230,
                   County (12-05-     County Executive,  Waukesha, WI 53188
                   1322P)             515 West Moreland
                                      Boulevard, Room
                                      320, Waukesha, WI
State and     Online location of letter of map      Effective     Community
county        revision                              date of       No.

Alabama: January 7,    010176
Morgan        labama/morgan-2/                      2013
Arizona:      August 17,    040037
Maricopa      0756P-040037-102IAC.pdf               2012
Riverside      September 17, 060245
              0462P-060245-102IAC.pdf               2012
San       January 4,    060278
Bernardino    2406P-060278-102IAC.pdf               2013
San Diego      January 17,   060287
              2589P-060287-102IAC.pdf               2013
San Diego      October 9,    060295
              0966P-060295-102IAC.pdf               2012
San Diego      January 25,   060296
              1988P-060296-102IAC.pdf               2013
San Diego      August 28,    060284
              0044P-060284-102AC.pdf                2012
Solano      January 21,   060631
              1553P-060631-102IAC.pdf               2013
Douglas January 11,   080049
              olorado/douglas-2/                    2013
Jefferson January 18,   080090
              olorado/jefferson-5/                  2013
Jefferson January 18,   080087
              olorado/jefferson-5/                  2013
New Haven     http://www.starr-                     July 27, 2012 090077
Lee  January 18,   125106
              lorida/lee-5/                         2013
Lee  January 18,   125124
              lorida/lee-5/                         2013
Orange January 25,   120186
              lorida/orange-2/                      2013
Orange January 25,   120179
              lorida/orange-2/                      2013
Georgia: January 17,   130059
Columbia      eorgia/columbia-2/                    2013
Floyd         http://www.starr-                     September 12, 180062
Hendricks     http://www.starr-                     August 30,    180415
Iowa: Black   http://www.starr-                     April 12,     190017
Hawk 2012
Cumberland    http://www.starr-                     September 14, 230051
York          http://www.starr-                     November 23,  230171
Ingham        http://www.starr-                     October 22,   260093
Macomb        http://www.starr-                     October 26,   260121
Oakland       http://www.starr-                     December 28,  260180
Minnesota:    http://www.starr-                     October 2,    270406
Rice 2012
Boone         http://www.starr-                     August 31,    290034
Greene        http://www.starr-                     December 27,  290149
St. Charles   http://www.starr-                     December 20,  290316
St. Charles   http://www.starr-                     December 20,  290315
Dakota        http://www.starr-                     September 21, 310241
Lancaster     http://www.starr-                     December 7,   315273
Belknap       http://www.starr-                     August 17,    330002
Hillsborough  http://www.starr-                     November 27,  330097
New York:   February 20,  360916
Westchester                                         2013
North Dakota: January 7,    380117
Stark         orth-dakota/stark/                    2013
Athens        http://www.starr-                     December 21,  390016
Athens        http://www.starr-                     December 21,  390760
Cuyahoga      http://www.starr-                     December 7,   390132
Franklin      http://www.starr-                     August 30,    390170
Franklin      http://www.starr-                     August 30,    390167
Lucas         http://www.starr-                     December 28,  395373
Montgomery    http://www.starr-                     December 14,  390828
Warren        http://www.starr-                     September 28, 390556
Clackamas     http://www.starr-                     August 24,    410018
Jackson       http://www.starr-                     December 6,   415589
Josephine     http://www.starr-                     December 6,   415590
Linn          http://www.starr-                     December 27,  410146
Marion        http://www.starr-                     August 31,    410167
Marion        http://www.starr-                     September 21, 410154
Multnomah     http://www.starr-                     July 27, 2012 410180
Multnomah     http://www.starr-                     July 27, 2012 410184
Multnomah     http://www.starr-                     July 27, 2012 410185
Richland December 31,  450170
              outhcarolina/richland/                2012
Hamilton January 15,   475422
              ennessee/hamilton/                    2013
Hamilton January 15,   470071
              ennessee/hamilton/                    2013
Bexar   January 22,   480045
Bexar   January 22,   480035
Ellis   October 11,   480801
Harris   January 22,   485456
Harris   January 22,   480287
Harris   January 22,   480287
Lubbock   January 22,   480452
Rockwall   January 18,   480547
King          http://www.starr-                     August 17,    530071
Spokane       http://www.starr-                     November 21,  530174
Dodge         http://www.starr-                     September 14, 550095
Green         http://www.starr-                     September 13, 550157
Outagamie     http://www.starr-                     December 28,  550302
Rock          http://www.starr-                     November 21,  555560
Richland      http://www.starr-                     August 24,    555576
Richland      http://www.starr-                     August 24,    550356
Sheboygan     http://www.starr-                     December 21,  550424
Sheboygan     http://www.starr-                     December 21,  550570
Waukesha      http://www.starr-                     November 16,  550476

(Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance No. 97.022, "Flood Insurance.")

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James A. Walke,

Acting Deputy Associate Administrator for Mitigation, Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency.

[FR Doc. 2012-31651 Filed 1-3-13; 8:45 am]


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