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CLICK2protect announces plans and expansion for 2013

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Hertfordshire, UK (PRWEB UK) 24 December 2012

CLICK2protect is the business behind the UK’s leading gap insurance and tyre insurance web site, which is now in its 7th year of on-line commerce.

Tom Barley, a spokesman for the business confirmed, “despite these difficult economic times, we have again exceeded our targets and are continuing to return a good financial performance. This month we have finalised our plans for 2013 and will be implementing our strategy to develop our business in a number of new and exciting ways.

Whilst the method of pay per click advertising is reaching saturation point from a competition point of view, the gap insurance market potential remains relatively un-harvested.

With 7 years trading under our belt our extensive customer database is an obvious focus for us and if we develop those relationships a little further, we could probably retail the same number of policies without participating in pay per click. Whether we bid high for number one listing or bid lower for position number 5, our PPC click through and conversions rates are very similar so there is no plan to increase activity in this area.”

In November 2012 the business launched to enable the business to perform as an independent broker rather than a tied insurance agent and in December 2012 a new web site car2covertv was added to complement the existing portfolio of customer information and e-commerce portals.

According to Barley, "2013 will see us paying less attention to our competitor’s on-line activities and more time developing other areas of business opportunity and developing and extending our portfolio of insurance and non-insurance products.”

In 2012 the business was recognised by and invited to enter into acquisition discussions with a major expanding UK insurance business. “That’s an option that remains open to us and it’s a move that would certainly enable us to increase our dominance and develop a “substantial” additional customer database. In the meantime, it’s down to business - we have diverse plans to execute and existing customers to nurture,” said Barley.

The car2cover business has a mission to remain a few steps ahead of its competitors and customers appear to be luxuriating in their legendary customer service. It’s surely a recipe for continued success.

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Are you offering the right health coverage to your senior clients?