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Munich American Reassurance Introduces Its EDGE Underwriting Manual for Tablet Computing [Professional Services Close - Up]

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Munich American Reassurance Company announced its EDGE underwriting manuals are fully web-compliant for tablet-based computers, including the Apple iPad, Google Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire.

According to a release, all features, such as calculators, medical images and reference articles found in the EDGE Life and DI underwriting manuals can be accessed and viewed on most tablet computers running Apple, Android and Windows operating systems.

"Delivering our EDGE underwriting manuals on tablet-based computers creates greater opportunity for underwriters who require easy access to underwriting data to make quick decisions," says Joan Tolan, Vice President, Underwriting, North America (Life), Munich Reinsurance Company. "We made certain that no special software or application is required for our current users to access EDGE.

Critical calculators, including mature age, coronary artery disease and cholesterol retain their functionality and all publications in the Reference Library are available on tablet-based computers.

"Underwriting manuals have moved from spreadsheets to computers and from the office to the field," says Bill Moore, Vice President, Underwriting and Medical Services, Munich American Reassurance Company. "We want our clients to have access to EDGE at any time and in any situation to help them make informed and accurate underwriting decisions."

Munich American Reassurance Company, a subsidiary of the Munich Re Group, was founded in 1959 and is a reinsurer offering life and disability reinsurance to insurance companies throughout the United States.

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