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Allianz Your Cover: Brits Will Leave GBP2.4B Worth of Presents at Risk in Cars this Christmas [Professional Services Close - Up]

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Brits will hide an astonishing GBP2.4 billion worth of Christmas presents in their cars this year, according to new research from insurer, Allianz Your Cover.

The survey of 2,000 people showed that despite the increased risk of crime over the festive season, 30 percent said they hid Christmas presents in cars and 28 percent of those people will leave them unsecured or on display in their vehicles, making themselves even more at risk of theft. Sadly, 66 percent of people who have been a victim of this type of festive crime said that it 'ruined their Christmas'.

According to the survey, the top five Christmas presents people hide are:

1. Toys (42 percent)

2. Gadgets (24 percent)

3. Children's Bikes (21 percent)

4. Clothing (21 percent)

5. Jewellery (19 percent)

More than half of the people said they kept gifts in cars to hide them from their children, while 45 percent said they were keeping them out of sight of snooping partners. And it would seem that these suspicions are not entirely unfounded, with nearly one in five women confessing that they hunt for hidden presents from their partner in the run-up to Christmas day, compared to only one in ten men.

The report also found that 30 percent of people who do find a hidden present meant for them will say nothing and then fake surprise when they open it on Christmas day.

Shockingly, men are more likely to use their hidden Christmas present and then put it back with 8 percent confessing to having done this before.

One third of motorists also admitted they either didn't lock their valuables away in the vehicleor left them on display. The most common items that fall into these categories are:

-Satnav (20 percent)

-Smartphone (17 percent)

-Wallet (14 percent)

Jon Lott of Allianz Your Cover, said, "The fear of 'Christmas Curiosity' unearthing presents that are meant to be surprises for loved ones means that many people leave expensive presents in cars. We recommend motorists never leave items of value in vehicles but if they do, they should ensure their belongings are placed in a locked glove box or boot as leaving them on display could attract unwanted attention from thieves."

"People are taking a high risk by hiding presents in their cars. It's also possible that their insurance policy will not cover high value items left in the car."

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