ACA Implementation: State By State

A look at the routes states are taking to implement President Obama's health care law, including health insurance exchanges and expansion of Medicaid coverage, along with the number of people in each state who don't have health insurance:



Alabama Federal exchange

Advisors Guide to Selling IUL Not expanding 696,000


Advisors Guide to Selling IUL                              Federal exchange                 Decision pending                  128,000


Arizona                                 Federal exchange                 Decision pending                  1,306,000


Arkansas                              Federal-state partnership     Decision pending                   545,000


California                              State exchange                    Expanding                             7,471,000


Colorado                               State exchange                    Decision pending                  817,000


Connecticut                          State exchange                    Expanding                             391,000


Delaware                              Federal-state partnership      Expanding                             115,000


District of Columbia              State exchange                    Expanding                             65,000


Florida                                   Federal exchange                 Decision pending                  3,952,000


Georgia                                 Federal exchange                 Not expanding                       1,992,000


Hawaii                                   State exchange                    Expanding                             102,000


Idaho                                     State exchange                    Decision pending                  239,000


Illinois                                    Federal-state partnership     Expanding                             1,795,000


Indiana                                  Federal exchange                 Decision pending                  856,000


Iowa                                      Federal-state partnership      Decision pending                  292,000


Kansas                                  Federal exchange                 Decision pending                  361,000


Kentucky                              State exchange                    Decision pending                  727,000


Louisiana                              Federal exchange                 Not expanding                       811,000


Maine                                    Federal exchange                                Not expanding                       146,000


Maryland                              State exchange                    Expanding                             734,000


Massachusetts                     State exchange                    Expanding                             215,000


Michigan                               Federal-state partnership      Decision pending                  1,336,000


Minnesota                             State exchange                    Expanding                             453,000


Mississippi                            State exchange                    Not expanding                       530,000


Missouri                                Federal exchange                                Decision pending                  780,000


Montana                               Federal exchange                                Decision pending                  179,000


Nebraska                              Federal exchange                 Decision pending                  226,000


Nevada                                 State exchange                    Expanding                             555,000


New Hampshire                  Federal exchange                                Decision pending                  136,000


New Jersey                          Federal exchange                 Decision pending                  1,334,000


New Mexico                         State exchange                    Decision pending                  506,000


New York                             State exchange                    Expanding                             2,780,000


North Carolina                      Federal-state partnership     Decision pending                   1,583,000


North Dakota                        Federal exchange                 Decision pending                  74,000


Ohio                                      Federal-state partnership      Decision pending                  1,578,000


Oklahoma                             Federal exchange                 Not expanding                       597,000


Oregon                                 State exchange                    Expanding                             678,000


Pennsylvania                        Federal exchange                 Decision pending                  1,319,000


Rhode Island                        State exchange                    Expanding                             122,000


South Carolina                      Federal exchange                 Not expanding                       754,000


South Dakota                        Federal-state partnership      Not expanding                       108,000


Tennessee                            Federal exchange                 Decision pending                  982,000


Texas                                    Federal exchange                 Not expanding                       6,654,000


Utah                                      State exchange                    Decision pending                  424,000


Vermont                                               State exchange                    Expanding                             61,000


Virginia                                  Federal exchange                 Decision pending                  1,023,000


Washington                           State exchange                    Expanding                             812,000


West Virginia                         Federal-state partnership     Decision pending                   266,000


Wisconsin                             Federal exchange                 Decision pending                  562,000


Wyoming                              Federal exchange                 Not expanding                       84,000

Source: Associated Press Research, U.S. Health and Human Services Department and the Urban Institute.


(c) 2012 Paddock Publications


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