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Find Billions In Lost And Unclaimed Life Insurance Policies With Policy Inspector

Stowe, VT –December 11, 2012 - No lost life insurance policy should be left unclaimed. Unfortunately, billions in lost and unclaimed policies lay dormant on the books of insurance companies across the nation. For decades countless Americans had nowhere to turn to find the policies their loved ones left for them – until now.

The Policy Inspector is a web-based service that helps you locate your loved one’s unclaimed life insurance and annuity policies quickly and easily. They do this by searching nearly 500 of the nation’s largest insurance companies with every Policy Inspection they conduct. Their mission is to cut through the insurance company red tape and connect their customers with the policy claim they deserve.

“The biggest problem with finding lost policies is the insurance companies themselves,” said Policy Inspector Inc. Founder/CEO Philip Bongiorno. “Company buyouts, slow bureaucracies, and a general unwillingness to find policies has led to billions in unpaid claims sitting on these companies’ books. The money is out there – the only question is how much is your share?”

The need for this service is clear – there are billions in unclaimed policies out there, but no simple way to find them. Finding lost policies is difficult, if not impossible to achieve on your own. Relatives of the deceased are left searching for their policies with limited time, resources, and expertise. Meanwhile the insurance companies quietly hold onto their money until they are asked to pay out a claim. In some cases, these policies are even turned over to the state.

With few good options for policyholders, something had to be done. This is where the Policy Inspector comes in. In just a matter of minutes our policy locator system – the Policy Inspection – lets you reach nearly 500 of the largest insurers in the country from the comfort of your own home. For a flat fee of just $99 you can have peace of mind in knowing your loved one’s gift to you will end up where it belongs – in your family’s pocket. Said Bongiorno:

“Here’s how I see it: when you buy a new home, you have it inspected just in case you missed something. After losing a loved one, it is just as important to ensure you’re not leaving their gifts to you unfulfilled. It’s just the smart thing to do.”

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Policy Inspector, Inc. is a family owned and operated business based in Stowe, Vermont. Searching nearly 500 of the largest life insurance companies per Policy Inspection, Policy Inspector is the most comprehensive lost policy locator. Policy Inspector Inc. is a proud member of the New England Claim Association. Learn more by visiting our website at

Cory Bythrow, Co-Founder
Phone: (202) 255-9950


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