According to Royce Williams Agency the Proper Insurance Could Make the Difference Between a Splendid and Spoiled Holiday

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Nashville, Tenn. (PRWEB) November 29, 2012

Data collected by the FBI shows that the number of home burglaries soars during the holiday seasons. Homeowners can never predict when or if this tragedy will strike them so it is best to be well prepared in the event something does happen. The Nashville insurance company, Royce Williams Agency, has provided a few tips that will help people be better prepared to deal with a home theft during the holiday season.

There are a number of ways people can prevent being the victim of a home burglary:

1. The easiest way to avoid having your possessions whisked away is concealment. Do not place gifts and valuables in highly visible areas. It is too easy for a thief to stroll down the street and spot the holiday jackpot by just peering through the windows. In addition to this, when away for long periods of time give the impression of being home. This may include doing things like leaving the lights on, a small price to pay in energy costs when compared to a ruined Christmas.

2. A security system is always a sure way to deter would be burglars. Make sure all security signage is highly visible and keep the system active, especially in the evenings even when the home is occupied. Williams also states that a home security system may help lower Nashville homeowners insurance premiums.

3. Keep locks locked, even when you are home. Check all windows and other possibly entrances. In addition to windows and doors, make sure all fences and gates are secured with locks.

4. Stay on the lookout. Work with people in your neighborhood or a local law enforcement group to learn how to identify possible threats. If you see anything you might find suspicious, do not delay and notify the proper authorities immediately.

5. Last of all, sometimes a homeowner may do everything in their power to prevent a theft but it still happens. The best way to protect investment is through a rock solid insurance plan that covers everything inside and outside of the home. Principal of the Royce Williams Agency, Royce Williams states that extra emphasis should be placed on the most valuable possessions in a home such as jewelry and electronics.

The Royce Williams Agency hopes that everyone’s holiday comes and goes without incident. However, it is better to be prepared than to go through a holiday disaster without a safety net. With a water tight homeowners or renters insurance policy people can make certain valued investments, possessions and gifts in and outside of their homes are covered.

To find out more about how an affordable homeowners and renters insurance policy from Royce Williams Agency can help avoid a holiday catastrophe contact them at, (615) 356-4800.

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