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IPISC’s Defense Insurance for IP Litigation Coverage for Cyber/Media-Based Technology Companies

November 27, 2012- Louisville, Ky. headquartered Intellectual Property Insurance Services Corporation (IPISC) is announcing IP Defense Indemnification Insurance for Cyber/Media-based technology companies.

The Cyber/Media-based industry utilizes leading-edge technologies that pose a significant intellectual property (IP) litigation risk. The industry as a whole is particularly susceptible to non-practicing entities and competitors having the resources and deeper pockets to bring unfounded or frivolous charges of IP infringement.

Robert Fletcher, CEO and Founder of IPISC explains, “IPISC offers this IP Defense and Indemnification insurance solution to Cyber/Media-based technology companies, such as Digital Agencies, Advertising Agencies, Software, Website, Mobile App providers and the vast number of their end-user customers, to help protect important products and methods against charges of IP infringement by providing the needed funds to get through litigation on the merits of the case. Requiring IP Defense Insurance in all indemnification agreements is vital to transferring the burden of managing this costly exposure, and safeguarding against this potentially devastating risk, through specifically designed insurance policies. Without specific IP Defense insurance in place, this important industry may find its constituents and customers lacking the ability to grow and provide the expanded services we have all come to expect.”

Ensuring the appropriate IP insurance is in place for this potentially devastating exposure is essential to protecting overall financial strength and growth.

For additional information, visit or contact Janet Zahnd, Sales Manager, at 502-855-5314, [email protected].


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