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Low Auto Insurance Rates Come With Crash Avoidance Technologies

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Bridgeview, Illinois (PRWEB) November 18, 2012

In the November 2012 report 'NTSB's Most Wanted List Identifies Top Ten Transportation Challenges For 2013' the NTSB's wanted list included the mandate for motor vehicle collision avoidance technologies. The National Transportation Safety Board, NTSB, wants to see the federal authorities setting standards that mandate vehicle collision avoidance technologies which will warn commercial and private passenger vehicle operators to potential hazards and can often avoid certain types of automobile crashes.

The NTSB reports say that accidents related to run-off-road, rear-end, and lane change maneuvers add to approximately 60% of road accidents. Fadi Snenneh, Spokesman for Insurance Navy Agency, a leading provider of automobile insurance quotes in Chicago said that "the new mandates will offer the insurance industry, consumers and carriers, a great break in terms of lowering auto accident rates and fatalities. Accident avoidance technologies which include forward collision warning systems, lane departure warning systems, and electronic stability control system can reduce fatal private passenger and commercial vehicle crashes by about 1,680 every year, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety."

There are several vehicles that are already equipped with certain vehicle avoidance technologies including some models of Chevrolet, Honda, Subaru, Toyota, Ford, Mercedes, Acura, and Volvo. Certain studies have found that some of these crash avoidance techniques may perform better than others. For example, some researchers pointed out that lane departure warning systems may actually cause more accidents. However, the same researches provided by Highway Loss Data Institute, an affiliate of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, indicated that the crash avoidance technologies have reduced the frequency of property damage liability claims by 14 percent on Acura and Mercedes models equipped with both forward collision warning and autonomous braking.

"Despite the fact that the NTSB has no authoritative rule in mandating this technology the NTSB's List will put force on the agencies that do have the power to set rules and laws. We should see some government involvement very soon in that regard," said Mr. Snenneh.

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