CBIA Health Connections Announces Agreement with Aetna

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HARTFORD, Conn., Nov. 5 -- The Connecticut Business and Industry Association issued the following news release:

CBIA Health Connections today announced a new agreement with Aetna, one of the nation's leading healthcare benefits providers.

Aetna [NYSE: AET] joins industry leaders ConnectiCare and UnitedHealthcare/Oxford as a participating carrier in CBIA Health Connections, the nationally recognized private health insurance exchange serving Connecticut's small businesses and their employees.

"We're thrilled to add Aetna as a new carrier in the CBIA Health Connections program," said Philip J. Vogel, Senior Vice President, CBIA Service Corporation. "Our members now have even more choices and flexibility in choosing and administering their employee health plans."

Vogel also announced the launch of HC3 (http://www.cbia.com/ieb/er/medical/hc3/default.htm), the latest suite of healthcare products which become available January 1, 2013 to new and renewing CBIA Health Connections members.

"Our small business members tell us they need cost-effective, value-driven healthcare plans that give their employees the ability to make the right choices for themselves and their families," Vogel said.

"HC3 offers those options, along with a range of features that help our members and their employees become better consumers with their healthcare choices."

Aetna, ConnectiCare, and UnitedHealthcare/Oxford represent the majority of Connecticut's small business healthcare benefits market.

As a national model for health insurance exchanges, Vogel said CBIA Health Connections (http://www.cbia.com/insurance) offers stability and leadership as the public and private sectors navigate the complexities of federal healthcare reform.

"It's the private sector that can best deliver real consumer choice and real consumer value with healthcare," Vogel said. "And CBIA Health Connections has delivered choice, value, and one-stop customer service since 1995.

"We're looking forward to continuing to provide the type and range of healthcare solutions that our members and their employees demand."

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