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Chicago, IL (PRWEB) November 11, 2012

Eric Smith, the founder of, has set a goal to achieve a stable and recurring seven figure income by the age of 30. He intends to accomplish this largely through his online life insurance quote website and through various other direct marketing ventures. “If your goal is to 'get by' you'll likely never achieve financial independence. If your goal is to simply get a promotion or just pay off debt, I don't think you can ever expect an exceptional financial status”, said Eric Smith, the founder and life insurance agent of

Eric Smith chose the goal of a seven figure income out of the belief that he couldn't see any fathomable need for money that this. “Short of blatantly wasting money, I can't imagine a way to not be completely satisfied beyond any middle-class American's dream with $1,000,000 per year. There is ample evidence that visualizing and having constant reminders of a long term goal can increase your chances of following through exponentially”, said Eric Smith.

“The Road to a 7 Figure Income”, located at, is a blog that was created by Eric Smith to chronicle his progress, thoughts and actions towards this goal. At the time of this being published, he is 2 years and 138 days from turning 30 years-old. He vows to continue updating the blog even if his plans fail and he doesn't succeed.

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