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The French Market for Online Car Insurance

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NEW YORK, Oct. 17 -- Celent issued the following news release:

The market for online car insurance in France is on the verge of a big change. The future of this market requires insurers to make important strategic choices.

In the report, The French Market for Online Car Insurance: Current Situation and Perspectives in Light of Google Search Queries and the UK Experience, Celent provides an analysis of the current situation as well as our expectations regarding the development of the French market for online car insurance. In addition to the collaboration of Google, which has generously agreed to provide us with detailed information on the evolution of search queries made by users, Celent relies on previously published studies on the UK online car insurance market, which Celent considers to be the most mature market in the world.

"The impact of searching for the best prices on product standardization can call into question the role of certain sales intermediaries, including those whose main proposal is to provide advice to consumers about insurance products," says Nicolas Michellod, Senior Analyst with Celent'sInsurance Group and author of the report. "The role of comparators is the determining factor for insurers in analyzing the evolution of the online car insurance market and deciding which strategy is most relevant."

This report provides a review of the car insurance market in France, analyzes the online sales ecosystem, and identifies the factors that may boost Internet sales in the future. In this context, Celent describes the role and the growing importance of rate comparison websites in the French market. The report also provides an analysis of the recent evolution of search queries related to the purchase of car insurance via the Internet using Google data. As part of this approach, Celent compares the French and UK markets in light of data provided by Google and draws conclusions regarding the future of the online sale of car insurance products in France. Finally, this study provides recommendations for insurance companies in terms of investments and efforts to be undertaken to maximize the chances of success in this changing market.

This 31-page report contains 15 figures and 3 tables.

A French version[] of the report is also available.

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See figures and tables here:

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