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Lincoln Financial Expands Lineup For Variable Annuities

RADNOR, PA, October 1, 2012 – Lincoln Financial Group (NYSE:LNC) today expanded its Lincoln Protected Strategies lineup with the introduction of its new Risk Portfolio Management (RPM) Funds for Lincoln ChoicePlus Assurance variable annuity products.

The new RPM strategy for Lincoln’s products seeks to manage volatility daily, while providing advisors and investors the choice and flexibility to build customized portfolios when selecting Lincoln’s living benefit guarantees. The Lincoln Protected Strategies are designed to reduce exposure to market volatility and seek to protect account values, providing investors the potential to enhance their variable annuity guarantees, and maximize income during retirement.

“By bringing together continual risk management and recognized asset managers, Lincoln’s Protected Strategies seek to help clients reduce equity risk during volatile markets, enabling them to remain invested,” said Daniel Hayes, vice president, Funds Management, Lincoln Financial Group. “As a result, clients have the potential to realize a more consistent pattern of returns, and increase the probability of income growth through retirement. At the same time, we’re enabling clients and their advisors to retain investment control with the flexibility to build their own diversified portfolio.”

Lincoln’s ChoicePlus Assurance products include RPM as part of six existing funds, and one new fund - the LVIP BlackRock Emerging Markets Index RPM Fund. The RPM funds enable clients to build their own asset allocation portfolios with asset managers including BlackRock, Columbia, Franklin Templeton, J.P. Morgan, State Street Global Advisors, and UBS.

“This addition to Lincoln’s risk-managed solutions is another example of how we approach a constantly changing marketplace,” said John Kennedy, head of Retirement Solutions Distribution, Lincoln Financial Distributors. “The new RPM funds serve as a useful complement to a portfolio, providing advisors and their clients with a less risky approach to investing, while potentially enhancing variable annuity guarantees and seeking to maximize income. In today’s environment, Lincoln’s RPM funds can help reinforce the goal of meeting specific retirement needs.”

In accordance with Lincoln’s investmentguidelines, the RPM funds allow clients to choose from a broad array of individual single asset class options including large, mid and small-cap funds, as well as domestic and international market exposure and fixed income options. In addition, RPM funds include a tactical allocation option. Lincoln Investment Advisors Corporation manages the RPM funds on a daily basis. Using exchange traded futures, RPM funds implement risk overlay without interrupting the investment process of the funds’ sub-advisors.

Lincoln Also Expands Fund Lineup for American Legacy Products

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Lincoln is also introducing the LVIP American Preservation Fund, a new fixed income fund for Lincoln’s American Legacy® variable annuities. The LVIP American Preservation Fund consists of a mix of bond funds designed to offer fixed-income diversity and stability in times of high market volatility. The fund contains a mixture of both AFIS Funds and American Funds Retail Funds.

All of the new funds are now available to Lincoln’s national network of distribution partners.


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