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System Matches Boomers With Annuity Specialists

(PRWEB) September 19, 2012

Over 30 years ago, Americans were forced by their employers to forego attractive and successful defined benefit pension plans for defined contribution 401k plans. At the time, the oldest baby boomers were new to the work force, low on savings, and had no way of knowing what lay ahead for them. Today’s baby boomers and soon to be retirees are now often anxious about outliving their savings and income. Unfortunately, many of these soon to be retirees are still not fully prepared.

The Annuity123 founders designed this system in order to make sure that baby boomers are able to have free educational material about annuities while also providing an efficient venue to help its users find a retirement planning specialist within their respective cities when in need of further clarification or personalized guidance.

About Annuity123
Annuity123 was designed to educate consumers across the country about the variety of means to contractually guarantee lifetime income. The fear of outliving your money doesn’t have to be a burden. Moreover, the purpose is not only to educate consumers about the importance of lifetime income and creating their own pension annuity, but to provide easy access to the best retirement income and annuity specialists in the country. By first educating consumers, and then matching them up with experts in their area for further advice, Annuity123 hopes to make a big impact in the retirement field. Annuity123 is owned by Annuity Think Tank, LLC.

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