Homeowners Insurance Agents Battle with Online Leads

May 14, 2012 -- Broomall, PA

Not long ago the only option for an insurance agent was to buy leads. Typically these leads are sold to other competing agents trying to come up with the best coverage plan to meet your prospective client’s needs. The majority of you will agree that the quality of the leads were not what you expected.

InsureMyHouse.com has a different approach providing visitors with one agent per zip code. This ultimately provides insurance agents exclusive rights for each zip code registered. To some they are referred to as an exclusive online phonebook where homeowners and homebuyers can find a local homeowners insurance agent. The directory is sorted by state and then by zip code. So if a homeowner searches your state and selects your zip codes, you are the only result. Most people only get one or two quotes for homeowners insurance when they buy a house, whereas InsureMyHouse.com provides visitors a fast, easy, and effective way to find their local agent.

There are over 3000 websites that link to InsureMyHouse.com. Every visitor that comes to the site is given complete freedom. The agent’s information is provided via their profile page which is optimized for the search engines for each zip code you want to appear in the directory. The profile page displays the agency name, web address, email address, phone and fax numbers. Visitors contact the agency however they choose. For most Internet users, that is exactly what they are looking for.

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No setup fees or long term commitments apply and agents are provided viewing statistics at no additional cost. Many agents the following year have decided to renew, so InsureMyHouse.com has implemented a lifetime subscription so agents never have to worry about losing their zip codes to other competing agents. If you are an insurance agent and want to be added to the directory, you can apply for zip codes by visiting: http://www.insuremyhouse.com/registerme.html. The cost is only $80 per zip code per year or $150 per zip code for lifetime members.

For more information on this news release please contact:

Daren DiSantis, VP of Marketing
Web: http://www.insuremyhouse.com/

Phone: 484-234-5041


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