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BIRTHS [Topeka Capital Journal (KS)]

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Veronica Willoughby, Lebo, girl, Dec. 14.

Dustin Cottrell and Heather Huddleston, Topeka, boy, Dec. 16.

Ryan Scales and Danielle Ortiz, Topeka, girl, Dec. 16.

Sean and Megan Windle, Topeka, boy, Dec. 17.



Lastacia Elliott v. Shawnee County Kansas By & Through, Petition for judgment.

Susan K Schilling v. State Of Kansas Department Of Revenue, Petition for judicial review.

Arrow Financial Services Llc v. State of Kansas Office of ehe State Bank Commissioner, Petition for judicial review.


Denison State Bank v. William And Allen Homes Const Inc et al., Petition for mortgage foreclosure judgment: cross-claim dismissed.

Sonia Farmer v. Petition for the release of medical records order: Petition sustained. order issued.

Wells Fargo Bank National Association v. Albert C. Soper et al., Petition for foreclosure of mortgage, journal entry of judgment was signed by judge crotty. default judgment is granted.

Brick Masters Inc. v. Murray & Sons Construction Company Inc. et al., Petition for judgment - hon John E. Sanders, Kansas senior judge assigned, court enters judgment per memorandum decision and order, Sr. Judge John Sanders.


Marriage licenses

Gary W. Fulton, Topeka ... 49

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Susan L. Hainline, Topeka ... 49

Leroy R. Newman, Topeka ... 32

Ebony J. Hailey, Topeka ... 24

Nyman K. Jones, Jr., Topeka ... 24

Kimberly K. Wilson, Topeka ... 40

Robert A. Moretine, Jr.,

Leavenworth ... 28

Tara M. Mugford, Topeka ... 28

Vaughn C. Schnegelsiepen, Jr.,

Topeka ... 41

Leah R. Sitlington, Topeka ... 27

Adam W. Anderson, Topeka ... 32

Shayna K. Johnson, Topeka ... 29

Alvin L. Quiett, Topeka ... 67

Susan R. Pinkley, Topeka ... 52

David L. Thommen, Topeka ... 60

Jean A. Parsons, Topeka ... 66



Parents, city, sex, date.



Valley Springs Assisted Living Operations Llc. et al., v. Kansas Health Care Association Wc Insurance Trust Corp. et al., ... PETITION FOR APPOINTMENT OF CUSTODIAN OR, IN THE ALTERNATIVE, A RECEIVER AND FOR DAMAGES ... ORDER: Order Nunc Pro Tunc to show dismissal per minutes of 4/21/11 was to Plaintiff's entire case in this 07C860, but not to effect 07C1057 minutes. Hereafter 4/21/11 should be under Case No. 07C1057. Costs taxed to plaintiff.

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Kdl Inc v. Meadowlark Square Llc. et al., Petition for breach of contract, judgment: Def. Meadowlark Square, LLC, Motion for summary judgment sustained & case dismissed by court, Sterling Chase Homeowners Ass'n for failure to state a claim per memorandum opinion & entry of judgment of this date. Costs taxed to plaintiff.

Bethany Geisler By & Through Conservator et al., v. JCB Materials Handling Limited et al., Petition for damages--wrongful death, hearing: (Liebe Franges) plaintiff J. Cummins (Catron) by J. Bryant & J. Kurtz. def. JCB by M. Brooker. plaintiff minor by conservator. Evidence presented. Documents reviewed. Court finds settlement fair, just, equitable & approved. Case now concluded by dismissal with prejudice. Costs taxed to plaintiff.

Marriage licenses

Gaige J. Griffeth, Fort Worth, TX ... 20

Amanda R. Petty, Denton, TX ... 20

Marcus T. Sims, Topeka ... 26

Faun E. Mann, Topeka ... 30

Ryan J. Wenrich, Topeka ... 34

Laura J. Galloway, Topeka ... 38



Jagbir Singh v. Carlene D. Singh.

Leslie Renee Geer v.Jon Michal Geer.

Bobbie Jo Vandiver v.Mark Wayne Vandiver.

Cortessa Lynn Donlan v.James Thomas Donlan.

Deborah Jean Robinson v.Ronald Christopher Ryan Robinson.

Justin Wayne Mcneely v.Jennifer Renee Fox.

Rachal Anne Johnson v.Cassius Dejaniro Johnson.

Sheena Marie Gonzales v.Joshua Ray Gonzales.

Jill Marie Mott v.Donald Gregory Mott.

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Shandrea Talmadge v.Michael Talmadge.

Travis L. Swanson v.Lora B. Frick.

Jon W. Woodman v.Kristi L. Hodges.

Shelley M. Carlow v.Daniel C. Carlow.


James David Worford Jr. v. Loralie Michelle Worford.

Kacie Lee Mcmillin v. David Ernest Mcmillin.

Kari Kay Mwathi v. Daniel Mwathi.

Kendra D. Anderson v. Justin D. Anderson.

Leah J. Gardenhire v. Vincent M. Gardenhire Jr.

Maegan Green v. Jayme Green.

Peter K. Njonjo v. Amber Njonjo.

Sean Kelly v. Elizabeth Kelly.

Abigail Lynn Keagy v. Andrew Scott Keagy.

Elke Williams v. Dennis M. Williams.

Laurie E. Miller v. Dean Miller.

Rebecca L. Blick v. Robert A. Blick.

Sharon Lynette Adams v. Leonard Anthony Adams.






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