AiM Offers New Package with Engine and Transmission Fluids Testing for Used Vehicle Buyers and Sellers

LONG BEACH, Calif., March 10, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Thenew "AiM Certified" package from AiM Mobile Inspections ( allows consumers to purchase, for the first time, a vehicle inspection that includes an oil and transmission fluid analysis for cars and trucks.  Developed through an exclusive alliance with Titan Certified, the science of oil and transmission fluid testing is used to predict and examine the real-time engine and transmission condition of used vehicles.  

"AiM Certified delivers the clearest picture of a vehicle's condition and value," says Eric Widmer, vice president, sales and operations for AiM, which employs 500 full-time field technicians. "We create a comprehensive vehicle inspection report for the exterior, interior, engine and transmission of the vehicle.  The report reveals if the oil and transmission fluid has any contaminants. The AutoCheck® vehicle history report completes the package, giving our customers what they've asked for – all the necessary information to make a smart buying decision on a used vehicle."

Aim Certified tests take three ounces of engine oil or transmission fluid (excluding factory sealed transmissions) from the vehicle, which is then sent to one of 15 Titan testing laboratories in the U.S. Titan technicians scrutinize fluids by parts-per-million, comparing data to original manufacturer's standards utilizing American Society for Testing and Materials procedures to identify how the vehicle has been maintained. Results show if a vehicle's engine and transmission components have been overheated, raced, filled with additives to disguise mechanical problems or flooded.    

"Analyzing oil or transmission fluid is a non-invasive way to understand the DNA of a vehicle's two most vital parts," said Jim Harris, president and CEO of Titan International USA, a leader in tribology fluid testing for auto manufacturers.  "The fluid sample will reveal the true condition of a vehicle's engine or transmission. This test is extremely accurate and is used on all airline jet engines and power plant turbines in use today."

The report has an easily-understood coding system. A "green" code shows the engine or transmission meets manufacturer's standards and is in good condition; "yellow" identifies a need for minor repair; and "red" means the engine or transmission needs major repairs.  

"AiM's infrastructure provides the best possible conditions for our testing," said Harris. "For our analysis to be performed correctly, oil samples must be taken properly, with great care given during sampling and shipping. AiM's network of inspectors has a great reputation for accurate, consistent reporting. They'll be a great partner."

The AiM Certified package, which starts at $349, includes a three-month/3,000 mile or six-month/6,000 mile lab certification for the engine or transmission of vehicles receiving Titan testing laboratory approval. Vehicles with a "green" or "yellow" fluid designation analysis report are given a Titan guarantee certificate for three or six months.  

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About AiM (

Long Beach, Calif.-based AiM (Alliance Inspection Management) was founded in 2005 to inspect the condition of new and used vehicles from bumper to bumper.  AiM's national team of 500 technicians are equipped with Panasonic© Toughbook© tablet computers and 3G cellular capabilities to perform comprehensive, 150-point vehicle inspections and deliver a report within 48 hours of the inspection.  AiM, which has auto manufacturers, rental fleets, dealers, auction houses, finance companies and consumers among its clientele, recently performed its 30 millionth vehicle inspection.

About Titan

Titan was founded in 1996 for the automotive industry, which needed a lab certification program specifically designed for the automotive industry that supports inspection operations, auctions, dealerships, manufacturers, remarketers, insurance companies, and service providers in the U.S. and worldwide.  Fourteen years in development and operations, Titan is now approaching 300,000 vehicles certified in the U.S. and over 20,000 units certified internationally.  Titan's strategic alliance with AiM is a significant step in revolutionizing the purchase of used cars, RV's, boats, motorcycles, trucks and equipment and closes the loop in the inspection process.  Titan's major growth has been in last two years for used vehicles at auctions, remarketers, and dealerships having significant more used vehicle demand than ever in the U.S. for 3rd party certifications.  For more information, visit



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