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Life Settlement Industry Pioneers Take Strong Actions To Protect Seniors and Investors

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After Pioneering the Life Settlement Asset Class, The Lifeline Program® Now Leads The Way In The Charge To Reinvigorate Investor and General Agency Confidence In Life Settlements

ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- The Lifeline Program®, recently announced that it will take strong action to protect investors and seniors by requiring that all high net worth seniors selling a life insurance policy as an asset agree to a paramedical examination by a licensed physician prior to executing a life settlement contract with the company. Wm. Scott Page, founder of Wm. Page & Associates, Inc. d.b.a. The Lifeline Program®, in creating a simple solution to a friend’s financial problems in the late 1980s by selling the ownership of his friend’s life insurance policy to an investor, created one of the first life settlements and paved the way for thousands of individuals to discover the potential value of selling an existing life insurance policy, is once again at the forefront of efforts to solidify investor confidence and protect seniors in life settlements.

“Over the past 20 years, The Lifeline Program® has taken the most conservative positions in the industry regarding transparency and legitimate insurable interests. Today, we continue to implement the kind of substantive underwriting processes necessary to develop as full and comprehensive an understanding of the life expectancy of the insureds from whom we buy policies to ensure the most acceptable offers for their asset and predictable returns on our investors’ capital,” stated Scott Sanders, Director of Capital Markets at The Lifeline Program.

The Lifeline Program®, to mitigate extension risk, which is the single most significant risk to return in a properly structured pool of Life Settlements, now requires an independent paramedical examination, by a licensed physician, to any insured seeking to sell a policy with a high face value. This practice seeks to prevent the acquisition of policies that have overly optimistic life expectancy projections, caused by the abbreviating affect on life expectancies of unverifiable, unobservable health status claims such as “loss of memory” or “dizziness”.

These pioneering actions executed by The Lifeline Program® continue to demonstrate industry setting standards and practices. When seniors, financial professionals and capital work with a reputable, well capitalized partner that takes meaningful steps to protect seniors and investors, a comprehensively underwritten and properly structured life settlement portfolio holds out the promise of a safe haven asset that generates solid, predictable returns and no risk to invested capital.

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About The Lifeline Program:

The Lifeline Program®, a division of Wm. Page and Associates, Inc., is a life settlement provider based in Atlanta, GA. Since its founding in 1989, The Lifeline Program® has underwritten and funded more than $1.5 billion in life settlements, including $750 million during the market heights of 2007 and 2008. The Lifeline Program® offers life settlement portfolio aggregation services and alternative investment opportunities to financial institutions, fund managers and other investment entities. The company partners with general insurance agencies and broker dealers to establish life settlement business lines to assist seniors with retirement planning options.

Recently, the company has also extended its marketing agreement with actress Betty White who has, for 5 years, been the most famous face in life settlements. For more information on life settlements, contact Stephen Terrell of The Lifeline Program at 770-724-7300 or visit

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